10 Tips To Ease Ibs Symptoms


Irritable bowel syndrome is complicating more and more lives these days. Medical experts attribute the rise to busier lifestyles, poor nutrition, inadequate exercise and more stress in the day. While there is no known cure for it exactly, there are things you can do which will ease symptoms and make you more comfortable.

Learn to Lighten UpLearn To Lighten Up : While IBS is no laughing matter, it’s important that you realize how stress and anxiety can hurt you. Stomach muscles tighten up, and your entire hormonal balance is thrown off.

Since hormones are an integral part of digestion, hence how regular you are, learning how to manage stress and relax more should help you tremendously.

Take short breaks during the day to ease stress build up, and make sure you include some form of relaxation too. A hot bath, an hour of listening to your favorite music or a few minutes curled up with a good book are just a few ways you can unwind and ease IBS symptoms at the same time.

Add More Soluble Fiber To Your Diet : Fiber can be a tricky thing when you have digestive issues, because it might make them worse. Experts recommend trying soluble fiber that is easier for your body to process. Nuts and seeds are good (and tasty) examples of sources of natural soluble fiber.

As an added bonus, this solution to ease symptoms can also lower cholesterol!

Pay attention to the labels on the foods you buy, to increase your soluble fiber with deliberation. The more aware you are of what goes into your body, the more you will know about what’s likely to occur at the other end of the process.
Drink More Water

Drink More Water : This is one of the best things you can do for every part of your body, not just your digestive tract. Water can help your system work things out, and send them through. Enjoy a glass after every meal and in place of unhealthy snacks when hunger strikes.

Make sure you get at least eight glasses everyday, each containing no less than eight ounces of hydration. Think of how good it is for your complexion if it’s a struggle for you to drink that much. Or add real lemon juice to it for even more health benefits, but with a little more taste to it.

Eat At The Same Time Everyday : This can be difficult in today’s busy world, however; a regular eating schedule is best for your body. Avoiding fluctuations will condition your digestive system, leading to less discomfort and more predictability. It’s also better for your internal clock in general, which may lead to having more energy throughout the day.
Eating a good mix of fruits and vegetables

Balance Your Diet : Eating a good mix of fruits and vegetables, carbs, lean protein and other elements will work to regulate your system. Try to eat from each food group throughout the day, and do this on a regular basis.

It’s a better system for you nutritionally too. There are plenty of foods in each group to choose from, so even if you’re finicky, you should be able to put together a menu that is both satisfying and easier on your digestive tract.

Learn To Recognize Trigger Foods : Keep a food journal to help you deduce what foods are causing your system the most trouble. At the end of a week or so, you should have a very good idea about what to avoid.

Make a list of these items and keep it on the fridge, then when you go to make a list of groceries to buy for the week, you’ll know what to keep out of the shopping cart.Don’t deviate from this list of known perpetrators, unless you’re prepared to pay the price with more symptoms.

Enjoy Moderate Portions : A lot of people are in the habit of eating a lot a few times a day. While this may help you to get more done or arrive to places on time, it’s brutal on your internal organs. Schedule meals and make a point of stopping prior to the point of feeling full. It takes a few minutes for your brain to register the amount you’ve consumed, so this will keep you on the safer side with IBS.

Stop Eating So Fast : Also attributed to our busy lifestyles is the bad habit of eating too fast. This leads to improper chewing too, both of which are abusive to your insides. Pace yourself, chew well and try to set a relaxed atmosphere at the table.
you need to give up soda

Hold The Soda : Anything that contains carbonation will aggravate symptoms, but unfortunately, these drinks are everyone’s favorites! Reach for good old fashioned water instead. After a couple of days you’ll feel a big difference, and that should be all the motivation you need to give up soda, which is really not good for you anyway!

Talk To Your Physician : If you can’t manage to resolve your symptoms on your own, don’t continue suffering. Your doctor can perform tests to more accurately determine the origins of your trouble and prescribe serious action. Although IBS has become a common issue these days, that doesn’t mean you must simply accept it.

Managing your lifestyle and diet better will work to reduce your incidents of IBS. Pay closer attention to what you eat and how you deal with things. Get a little more exercise everyday too. The good news is that all the things you can do to reduce symptoms of IBS will work for you in other ways, so once you’ve got it under control, you should be healthier too!


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