Best Home Remedies For IBS That Work

Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) also referred to as spastic colon is a functional disorder of the bowel and is diagnosed through a series of its symptoms. It does not have a specific cause but rather a couple i.e. psychological stress, use of certain medication, particular diets and overdosing on laxatives. It is one of the most diagnosed conditions with people that have digestive tract disorders.

This condition does not have a cure hence treatment involves methods that can relieve the symptoms experienced. Though specific home remedies for IBS have proved successful over time. The brighter side is that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a life threatening condition and most people can experience it for a while without the need for medical attention but a lot of discomfort hence the name ‘irritable’ are experienced with one symptom after another manifesting itself.

The symptoms that are associated with this condition include discomfort or pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, and constipation, sudden change in bowel habits, bloating and depression or anxiety. Most often, some of these symptoms may be relieved by just a normal bowel movement.

There are medical solutions to Irritable Bowel Syndrome but also natural home remedies for IBS have helped a great deal in curping this problem. Also home remedies for IBS do not have any side effects and are completely healthy. Some of the home remedies for IBS are discussed below.


Eating foods rich I fiber has been encouraged in every way. They help reduce constipation and enhance weight loss. Fiber has also been found to draw water like a sponge and form a gel-like substance during digestion. This assists by enhancing bowel movement hence reduce constipation and reduce the occurrences of violent diarrheas attacks. Some foods rich in fiber include beans, avocado or fruits in general and oats.

However, there are two types of fiber i.e. soluble and insoluble, the most advisable are soluble fibers unlike insoluble since they stimulate the colon leading to cramping and unregulated flow in the digestive tract. Also it’s better to use natural fibers compared to fiber supplements.


This is the last thing someone suffering from IBS will think of since IBS leaves one fatigued but exercise relieves the symptoms experienced. Gentle exercise such as yoga or bike riding help in enhancing the flow in the digestive system. Also exercise is good for someone experiencing anxiety or depression since they have been known to cause IBS.


Limiting some foods is not a welcoming solution to many but keeping off some diets such as caffeine, high sugar foods, alcohol and processed foods. If one can’t completely eliminate these foods then they intake should be greatly minimized. Also eating smaller amounts of food frequent intervals is more preferable than galloping a lot in one sitting.

Digestive enzymes

As one age, the digestive enzymes start getting depleted, if there are less enzymes then the food is not going to be digested completely leading to complications as it moves along the system. There are natural enzymes available to aid in digestion i.e. lactase, amylase, protease and many more that can be acquired in drug stores.

Aloe Vera

This reduces stomach cramping pains and soothes inflammation felt. Aloe Vera juice helps digestion, minimizes swelling, spasms in the gut and enhance speedy healing of digestive tract. The recommended dosage is a glass of aloe Vera with 8 glasses of water which also reduces dehydration and act as a laxative.


First things first, this should not be taken by a diarrhea IBS sufferer. Its recommended for IBS victims that face constipation. Apparently there are cases of people with magnesium deficiency and taking this is recommendable.

Magnesium relaxes muscles of the intestines and help in smoothing the flow of digested food. It attracts water just like fiber hence makes the stool tender easy to flow and easier on the rectum.

This supplement should not be confused with Milk of Magnesia since it contains magnesium hydroxide that can cause severe bloating and gas.

Also this supplement should be taken with recommendations from a physician since too much of it at once can cause other complications such as loose stools.

Herbal tea

Everything seems to be going herbal these days, maybe it’s because herbal offers so many advantages. From the causes of IBS discussed above, caffeine leads to IBS hence should be avoided at all costs. Herbal tea contains very little caffeine or none at all depending on the one picked. Also herbal teas are low on calories.

Some of the recommended teas include chamomile which is a plant among the daisy family. It relives the stomach and help in stomach cramps. Note that this plant could be allergic to individuals allergic to ragweed family of plants.

Ginger is well known since it makes gingerbread cookies and Asian fries but it can also be used to make tea. Its strong spicy smell acts as an anti-nausea agent. Ginger tea bags are available at almost all stores hence easily accessible.


Doctors willing recommend probiotics for any digestive condition. This is ‘good’ bacteria that help in reducing gas, bloating and diarrhea. Also prevent viruses from multiplying hence keep the colon healthy. Probiotic supplements are available at drug stores and IBS victims are encouraged to take them. However this home remedy for IBS does not work instantly, it requires some time i.e. a month or so before the effects can be felt. Also this remedy should be used with other natural remedies to get the best results out of it.

A lot of these solutions have been known to work and even medical doctors frequently use these home remedy for IBS. The whole list is not exhausted and one is always advised to find more ways of getting a solution to this condition that works best with them. in case the condition gets severe and out of hand immediate medical attention should be sort. Also most people have experienced this problem at one time or another, do not suffer in pain but share with others. They may present solutions that are even better to the ones listed above.