The Best Lunches To Eat With Irritable Bowel Syndrome


As you realize you have to make adjustments to your life it is a good idea to figure out which lunches you should be eating. The major reason for this is because if you eat unhealthy foods around lunch time it is going to cause you to have a very uncomfortable time after lunch.

cramping and bloatingYou are most likely going to visit the restroom just to get rid of gas, and you may be very anxious conversing with coworkers or to be in a meeting. It’s bad to live with constant gas and bloating inside of your body, so it is a good idea to take the time to figure out how to alleviate your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Certain foods are less likely to cause your IBS to flare up; therefore, it is wise to either prepare your foods ahead of time or at least know what types of foods you should eat in order to avoid feeling the repercussions of irritable bowel syndrome.

Salads are the best lunches to prepare. Add a salad with minimal carbohydrates inside so that the sugar does not spike and cause you discomfort. A lot of people make the mistake of adding an excessive amount of sugar to their salads, which is why salads fail to provide a nourishing meal that is free from causing their IBS to trigger.

Green is good in terms of reducing and alleviating irritable bowel syndrome from rising up in your body, you just have to take the time to find the right combination of green foods to add to your diet. Take note that broccoli is a minor detoxifying food. That means even though broccoli doesn’t have sugar it can still cause you to get gas. So try your best to stay away from foods rich in carbs and foods that can cause you gas.

taking healthy foodsPrepare a lunch of meats. Fish, chicken, beef, and most meats are fine for your body as you try to manage your irritable bowel syndrome. Do your best to stay away from processed meats and try to eat more fresh foods.

The fresher the foods the better for your health. Processed foods are known and linked to spiking irritable bowel syndrome in people.

As you make an attempt to eat meats and other foods rich in protein and low in carbs you may still notice your irritable bowel syndrome flare. This flaring is caused by all of the processed foods your eat.

When you are out and about focus on eating salads and meats for lunch. Stay away from junk foods such as burgers, pizza, fries, beer, and other foods that are not necessarily healthy for you. Every time you go out to eat for lunch try to keep your meal as simple as possible. Eat protein that is low in carbs and drink water.

You should do everything possible to refrain from drinking soda and other liquids rich in sugar. People forget that drinks can be the biggest substances with carbohydrates. Remember, even though you have a lot of protein in your diet you may find yourself in taking a lot of carbs due to the drinks you have.

The best way to avoid having an excessive amount of carbs is to simply refrain from all drinks except water. Water helps hydrate your body properly anyway, so it is a good drink to add to your body anyway.

taking a lot of carbsBy thinking ahead of time you won’t make the mistake of eating foods that are going to harm you during lunch. Leaky gut, gas, cramps, and all of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome are not worth the temporary satisfaction they provide your taste buds.

Studies have shown people who are able to abstain from foods that spike their irritable bowel syndrome show significant improvements in their lives. With the gas and cramps gone the stress and depression begins to diminish, thus causing you to have a stronger immune system that can counteract the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

Now that you know which lunches to eat you can live an improved life that is as free from irritable bowel syndrome as possible, which is a good start.


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