The Best Ways To Treat Your Persistent Irritable Bowel Syndrome


IBS plagues millions the world over, and if you’re unlucky to have it, you know how uncomfortable it can be. It’s also a very inconvenient condition to have, because it can be so unpredictable. Here are a few ways to treat your IBS, so that it starts treating you better.

What Exactly Is IBS?

ibsThis digestive disorder causes great discomfort and frequent irregularity. It can strike anyone at any age and doctors often have a hard time pinpointing the cause of it.

While it’s sometimes related to physical conditions or disease, how you live your life will also come into play.

How Do You Know You Have It?

Short of an official doctor’s diagnosis, you’re just playing a guessing game. See your physician if your stomach is always upset, your bowels don’t empty the same way and on a regular basis and you’re often struck by an uncontrollable urge to go. You’ll experience gas and most likely hear an awful lot of noise coming from your lower abdomen.

taking fiber each day1. Add More Plants and Fiber to Your Diet : Most people eat on the go, without giving much thought to the ingredients in their food. This is a big mistake when you’ve got digestive issues!

Pay more attention to what you call a meal, and make sure you get the right amount of fiber you need everyday.

2. Enjoy Meals at a Much Slower Pace : Always rushing food down? This can immediately cause symptoms, even if you don’t actually suffer with any kind of stomach ailment. Your body wasn’t designed to digest gulped food at a rapid pace, so sit down, relax, chew your food well and take a breather between bites.

3. Watch Your Alcohol Intake : Experts agree that alcohol is a consistent and avoidable contributor to malfunctioning digestive tracts everywhere. It may also depend on what and how much you drink of it. For example, straight liquor, high proof drinks and cheap beer are all going to worsen irritable bowels. Drink in moderation and try to avoid things that are going to be really rough on your insides.

no faty foods4. Cut Down on Fatty Foods : Unfortunately, most of your favorite foods aren’t doing you any good when you have stomach discomfort and digestive tract issues. Deep fried entrees, for example, will hit your stomach like a lead balloon.

Since they’re bad for you in other ways too, why not change the way they are cooked? Order foods sauteed, baked and steamed instead. While they may not seem as delectable, they will certainly be a lot healthier and you will experience less digestive disorder.

5. Reduce the Size of Your Portions : Loading up on anything, even the foods that are good for you, is likely to cause all kinds of rumbling in your belly, eventually leading to problems on the “throne”. Again, your insides simply are not equipped to handle poor eating habits. Limit the size of your meals, opting instead to eat smaller amounts and more frequently. You’ll feel full, get all your nutritional needs met, but won’t have a cranky intestinal tract!

Eating consistently6. Control All the Major Events that Impact Your Health. Eating consistently, without gorging or going to fast and getting a good night’s sleep will work together to keep your insides functioning normally. Any major event that disrupts your life is likely going to have ramifications against your health.

Look at how many people experience indigestion and other digestive issues after a big Thanksgiving meal! Observe how “off” your entire body is if you’re behind on sleep. Think about how you treat your body and live your life and make the positive changes that will lead to a higher functioning digestive system.

7. Watch Your Lactose! The sugary part of milk, called lactose, is a frequent contributor to irritable bowels for many people. While different kinds of foods work and don’t work for different people, lactose is a consistently culpable product you should actively try to avoid.

8. Make Your Own List of Taboo Foods : You’ll discover a whole array of things that upset your condition, and keeping track is difficult without help. Get a little notebook and jot down the names of the foods that bother you. Bring the list with you when you go grocery shopping, to avoid inadvertently picking something up that will harm your stomach. If you ever have to go to the doctor’s office about your digestive problems, bring this list with you!

IBS doctor9. Find an Effective Over-The-Counter Remedy. While over-dosing on antacids and other medicines meant to provide temporary relief is never a good idea, you should be able to find a product that works with your body, for your body.

There are some old OTC remedies that have stood the test of time and a lot of newer concoctions designed to provide relief. Ask your doctor or the pharmacist on duty what you should try and be careful to avoid interactions with other meds.

IBS can make you miserable, if you let it. Find the best medications, remedies and lifestyle changes for your particular case, so that you can resume a more normal course of action from day to day. There’s really no reason to allow your irritable bowl syndrome to get the best of you. Life is just too short!


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