Creating An Irritable Bowel Syndrome How I Spend My Summer


woman_painDue to some unseemly health reasons last semester, I am stuck here taking a bunch of summer courses at my local university to make up the credits.

One of the classes I had to make up was one for biology, and I thought it would be interesting to take a disease oriented class.

Well, for our final project, our professor wants us to make a power point (from hereon referred to as PPT) on an assigned disease or irritant.

She put them all in a hat and had us draw the subject of our PPTs. Wouldn’t you know it, I was assigned to write an irritable bowel syndrome PPT. As you can imagine, I was less than thrilled with the prospect.

I went up to my professor and asked if I could write anything else, on any other subject.

I was told a firm and resounding now, that a part of life was having to do something you didn’t want to do.

And that included writing irritable bowel syndrome PPTs. She also said that no, I couldn’t switch with someone else.

That would be cheating, and I would not learn something important that I probably needed to know anyway.

So now I’m on my third week of struggling to work on this project. I just really, really don’t want to do it.

Every time I do some research on IBS, I just get really grossed out and have to go the bathroom.

My parents asked me what I was up to, and for a long time I lied and said I was doing it on cancer.

Well, since some people in my family have had cancer, they thought I should do some ‘interviews’ for the project.

woman_painYeah, because not only is that super relevant, but it’s totally going to help me too. I really want to hear the sob stories of cancer in my family yet again.

Finally I caved and told them I was doing an irritable bowel syndrome PPT. Well, then they thought I was just joking around with them.

Nope. I showed them all my research so far, and they just looked at it dumbfounded.

Then they did what I was afraid of ‘ they started laughing uncontrollably. I was the laughing riot of the entire family.

They would bring up my research at dinner just to gross guests out. That’s what happens when I tell my family anything about myself or my studies.

I’m about done with this thing finally. The hard part is getting the new versions of Power Point to actually work for me.

It keeps crashing on my computer and taking all of my work with it. I’ve had to go down to the library to use their Power Point.

Which is a ball and a half, let me tell you. Now I get to have all the nosy people looking over my shoulder and seeing what I’m writing about.

And then of course these strangers all stare at me like I have IBS and will start stinking up the place anytime soon.

I will be so glad when this stupid thing is done. I just want to turn it in and never look back again.

Who wants to write a Power Point on irritable bowel syndrome anyway? Not I. Some of the other students have started giving their presentations, and it’s all on cooler stuff like rosacea.

At least that has pretty colors you can put in as visuals. You know what the visuals are for IBS? Yeah, I didn’t think you wanted to think about that. Is this torture over yet?



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