Dealing With Weight Issues As IBS Patient


IBS patients will come across a number of symptoms. They will have to deal with bloating, pain, and just general wooziness that is difficult to overcome. However, there is one problem that remains persistent throughout the problem and does not just come in bursts.

This problem is ‘weight loss’ or ‘weight gain’ dependent upon the case at hand. Some irritable bowel syndrome patients state they see rapid increases in weight, while others state they cannot stop losing weight. There are a number of reasons for this and multiple approaches to avoid this problem.

Gains and Losses

weight losse or gainEach patient is going to be different. There are times where you might experience both and that is often unnerving. One day you are gaining around 10 pounds and the next you see it all shed away. If this is occurring, you have to go to a medical professional right away.

In most cases, this is a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome which needs to be tackled effective immediately before it causes more damage that is impossible to deal with.

Potential Additional Illnesses

There are moments where these types of weight fluctuations indicate a deeper problem. This means you might not just be dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and might have something that is far worse.

Some of the illnesses that can be caused because of this type of weight loss/gain include Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. It is important to make sure you contact a medical professional and seek out their opinion on the case. They will be able to note down the changes and see whether it has to do with the irritable bowel syndrome or something far worse.

Avoid Foods Causing Water Retention

no water retention foodThere are times where what you are consuming triggers this type of weight loss/gain. You have to ensure that foods with high propensity of causing water retention are not being consumed regularly.

These foods include items that hare high in salt as this can start to take time to digest. When you have high water retention levels, you will begin to notice how hard it is to lose weight.

Over time, this weight will start to come down as long as you eat healthy and avoid these types of foods.

High Fiber Foods Are Important

What is the best way to normalize your weight? The best way to do this is by including high fiber foods in your diet. This is simple and will make sure your digestive system is on the right track at all times and that you don’t get sick all the time.

High fiber foods are great for the body as they digest easily and will make sure the system is being cleansed on a regular basis. Those who are dealing with constipation have to up their daily quota of these foods in order to maximize their treatment.

Organize Meals

choose the right foodsThis is one of the simplest and biggest mistakes that are made by people who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. This means you will forget to organize your meals and just eat whatever you want to.

This is never the right way to approach things and can cause a lot of damage that could have been avoided with more care.

There are moments where you have to ensure whatever goes into your body is healthy and is accounted for. If you are blindly eating whatever you want, these weight changes are going to continue indefinitely.


This is easier said than done and that is understandable. There are times where you are unable to remain patient as you are constantly having to go to the bathroom.

If this is the case, you have to remain focused and ensure you are following the treatment that is made for you. When you start to become impatient, you will use solutions that might work in the short-term, but they will have a lot of side effects that create additional problems down the road.

It is smarter to remain vigilant with what you are eating and ensure the weight loss/gain does not go out of control. A certain amount of fluctuating is going to occur regardless of what you do and this has to do with the irritable bowel syndrome that is present.


ask the medical professionalThis is the final tip that you have to consider when you are dealing with weight issues. You have to do an adequate amount of research on all aspects of the problem at hand.

What does this mean for the average patient? You have to ensure you are pouring over all of the details when it comes to what you are consuming and how you are consuming it. These little details play a big role.

Weight loss or weight gain does not have to become a long-term problem as long as you are patient and make sure to implement all of the treatment options available to you. It is easy to start losing focus and getting bogged down by what is in front of you.

There will be moments where the scale is telling you one thing, but your mind is telling you another. This is when you have to sit down with a medical professional and make sure you are on the right path towards a healthier, safer life. Use the information provided here to make sure your irritable bowel syndrome weight issues are not out of control.


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