Diet for IBS: How to Deal with IBS and the Right Solutions

Why should people concern about the right diet for IBS? When people are worried about the dieting method, it means that they are trying to control their issue by managing their dieting menu. IBS is considered as a disorder that won’t cause severe effects, but it can cause greater discomfort and pain for the patients.

woman_with_ibsUnderstanding More about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When people suffer from IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it means that they suffer from GI disorder. When people suffer from gastrointestinal issue, it means that the GI tract is affected and its way of working is changed. Basically, ISB isn’t a particular disease or disorder, but it is a ‘collection’ of ailments symptoms that are happening altogether. When people often suffer from abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhea, cramp, or even constipation, it means that they are suffering from the IBS problem. That’s why the diet for IBS is needed and completely advised.

When people experience the pain just once in a while, it doesn’t mean that they are suffering from the IBS. A person is positively diagnosed with IBS when someone suffers from abdominal discomfort or pain about three times within a month – or even more – within the last 2 or 3 months without the presence of other ailments or injuries that can describe the types of pain. When people experience the discomfort or the pain, they should also check their stool consistency or frequency. If they do suffer from IBS, the stool should experience changes.

There are no exact causes for IBS, but medical experts believe that the problem is caused by the combination of psychological issues with physical problems as well. The ailment can be caused by different causes, such as:

– The defect in body signal that is delivering messages from the brain to the stomach. The signals are controlling how the digestive system and the intestine function properly. If there are problems to the signals, there will be problem to the system.
– Gastrointestinal motoric problem. The colon has motor power. When it runs too slowly, it will cause constipation. But when it works too fast, it can cause diarrhea.
– Hypersensitivity. People with gastrointestinal sensitive issue may develop abdominal pain or cramps.
– Mental health issue. People with this issue will change their psychological stress into physical symptoms.
– Bacterial gastroenteritis. It is an irritation or infection within the intestines and stomach. Bacteria are responsible for this issue.
– Food and beverage sensitive. Sometimes foods that have high level of carbs or foods with spicy foods can experience such abdominal pain.

Food sensitivity isn’t the same as food allergy, so there are no symptoms of food allergy. The sensitivity may come from the poor and bad absorption of bile acids or sugar.

The Management for Diet, Nutrition, and Eating

It is believed that when people eat meal in large proportion, they will suffer from diarrhea and cramps. That’s why it is advised that they should consume foods in smaller portion. It is also believed that consuming foods that are high in cabs and low in fat can really help. Try consuming foods such as cereals, rice, pasta, or whole grain breads. The diet for IBS would include healthy, natural, and also organic foods with as little preservatives as possible.

Here are the lists of foods that can cause abdominal pain and IBS signs:
– Milk products
– Foods rich in fat
– Caffeinated or alcohol based beverages
– Foods with artificial sweeteners
– Foods that can cause gassy effect, such as cabbage and beans.

When people want to deal with their IBS symptoms, it would be better if they can keep track of their symptoms and the possible trigger. That’s why IBS patients are often suggested to keep a special food and dietary diary that is containing the track of their food consumption and also the symptoms of the issue. For instance, if people often suffer from constipation after consuming a certain meal, the note will make their doctors have easier diagnose and examination. But it is better to really avoid the foods that are listed on the list above if people want to have the right diet for IBS.

Lots of people often think that dietary fiber diet can help reducing the constipation symptom during IBS symptom, but it won’t solve the overall problem. The pain will remain lingering around – fiber will only soften the stool so it can pass smoothly in the GI tract. In fact, the gassy effect because of the fiber may trigger severe symptoms. This is a bit tricky problem, so it is advisable that people should consult their doctors first before they can take certain medications.

The proper and correct dieting program is believed to help people with IBS symptoms. However, there is no exact method or solution for the IBS symptoms as one patient has different requirements and needs when compared to other patients. That’s why people need to work together with their doctors to come up with the right treatment and dieting menu. Doctors know what’s best for their patients and each solution should be individualized for particular patient only. The high fiber diet was believed to solve the issue in the past, but it is proven not to always be effective to solve the IBS issue. Sometimes doctors and their patients need to go through trial and error period to come up with the perfect solution. To come up with the right diet for IBS, people need to control their condition regularly with their doctors.

There are some things people need to consider when they want to find the right diet for IBS. These methods should help patients dealing with the IBS symptoms:

– Finding the right diet to deal with the constipation. Remember, the high fiber diet isn’t always the right solution.

– Finding the right diet to deal with diarrhea. Doctors may also need to prescribe the right medication to deal with too fast processing of the digestive system.

– Finding the right diet to deal with the abdominal pain. Doctors need to find the source of the pain.

Only by figuring out how to deal with particular issue and focus on the right solution, IBS patient can find the right treatment so they don’t have to suffer from the discomfort anymore.