Dietary Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a condition that affects the digestive system, and is mainly characterized by indigestion, gas, constipation bloating and pains in the lower abdomen. Doctors relate IBS to a colon infection due to indigestion, which mostly occurs due to lack of fiber in food. With the food taking too long to navigate through the digestive tract, it starts to ferment resulting to gas production.

The fermented gas is mostly acidic, thus a prolonged exposure on intestinal walls causes the irritation. Although most people run to over the counter medication for relief, the best remedy is adjusting your dietary plans and lifestyle as well.

Some of the Nutritional Remedies for IBS are:

Plain Yogurt1. Plain Yogurt :  Plain yogurt is an excellent remedy for indigestion and irritable bowels. The reason why, is because yogurt contains probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are ‘good’ for the body in that; they facilitate proper digestion and also get rid of toxic bacteria hiding in the large intestine.

In addition to this, yogurt contains properties that help soothe injured intestinal tissues hence providing relieve on the same.  Although an adequate remedy for IBS, those with lactose intolerance shouldn’t use yogurt as it could react with their bodies making the situation even worse.

flaxseeds2. Flaxseeds : Flaxseeds are an excellent source of fiber and other essential minerals needed for tissue development and healing. The key compound here is nutritional fiber. Fiber is the primary material that facilitates movement of food materials along the gut.

Lack of fiber in the foods we eat lead to indigestion and constipation, which is the reason you should ensure all your meals have fiber in them. The good thing about using flax seeds is that, they can be used in every meal as they do not alter the food’s original flavor and taste.

juicing3. Juicing :  Juicing involves blending fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. The beneficial fact about juicing is that, the fruits and vegetables used supplement the body with vitamins, minerals, fluids and tons of fiber. All these work hand in hand by first ensuring food already inside the colon is expunged.

The vitamins and minerals facilitate faster recovery and healing of corroded/injured tissues in the colon. Moreover, the vitamins help improve the gut’s overall health thus enabling the body to contain a recurrence of the same. They also facilitate an improvement in the body’s capacity to fight infections alongside detoxing.

Carrots and root vegetables4. Carrots and root vegetables : Root vegetables are an excellent source of minerals and carotene, a compound that helps the body maintain its healthy form.

Some of the roots that you should use to treat IBS include beetroot, ginger root, and carrots.  For a fast relief, consider using all these fresh and raw.  These roots can be precooked or just blended into a smoothie for fast action.

Apple and Pear5. Pears and Apples : Pears are a good source of fiber and minerals required for tissue recovery and healing.  Apples are also all rounded as they have medicinal compounds that can help soothe injured tissues and even relieve pains caused by IBS.

Taking these two (apples and pears) supplements your fiber intake, thus facilitating movement of food materials inside the digestive tract. For a faster recovery from indigestion, bloating and flatulence, take the apples fresh and ripe and you will experience wonders.

Fennel Seeds6. Fennel seeds :  Research shows that IBS can be caused by excessive deposition of fats in the digestive tract. These fats inhibit food digestion and even make food movement even slower than it is desired, hence the reason for many indigestion problems.

The only way to take care of this is by eliminating these fats from the digestive tract, and fennels seeds seem to be the best remedy for that. These seeds contain enzymes/compounds that help burn fats along the digestive tract hence leaving mucus alone in the system. This therefore enables the body to digest foods and facilitates proper movement of food materials along the same.

Irritable bowel syndrome comes as an after effect of excessive and prolonged indigestion, constipation and flatulence. Containing the three conditions can save you the embarrassment of contracting IBS. The only way to do this is by ensuring all your meals are nutritionally balanced and have good amounts of fiber. This is only possible if you stay away from factory manufactured and processed foods, and add some green veggies in main meals.


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