Effective Natural Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Most of the digestive disorders occur due to severe inflammation. One such example is IRB (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that affects about 14-25 percent of population. It is not a life threatening illness, but its symptoms often force the suffering person to change his or her lifestyle. Some of the most common symptoms of IRB are changing bowel habits, frequent urge to use toiler, flatulence, diarrhea, and occasional constipation.

Women suffering from IRB show its symptoms at much higher frequency and level during their regular menstrual periods. Sometimes their reproductive hormones can also aggravate the problem associated with this disease. Diet also has considerable effect on IRB. All those who are suffering from IRB should reduce the intake of insoluble fiber by reducing their intake of whole wheat bread, whole grains such as brown rice. They can increase the intake of soluble fiber by increasing the intake of barley, oats, and fruits like bananas, apples, and root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Stress can also affect the functioning of your colon resulting in an intense pain in the abdominal region. You can reduce such symptoms by reducing the size of your meals, avoiding strong medications, flatulence, and even some occasional bleeding. You should avoid caffeine induced drinks such as coffee, tea, and beverages. Aside from this, avoiding barley, chocolate, wheat, and some dairy products such as cheese, butter and whole cream milk can be of help in IBS.

Natural remedies for irritable bowel syndrome

* Change your diet-This is one of the best natural remedies irritable bowel syndrome that can show immediate results. You should avoid foods that contain substances that can trigger this condition. The biggest culprit is fats and caffeine. Once it has been diagnosed that you are suffering from IBS, you should avoid taking the foods containing these ingredients.

* Regular use of peppermint oil is best for reducing pain caused due to IBS. This oil is highly soothing and can reduce pain in the abdominal region and also helps in reducing bloating. Peppermint oil has certain properties that prevent the movement of calcium to the muscles. It also helps in releasing teh excess gas from the intestines. You can get this oil in various forms but you should preferably take it in capsule form. For best results, you should follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

* Colonic irrigation- Mostly, impacted faeces are quite toxic and various toxins in it can re-enter the blood stream, and their circulation can make you feel tired and weak. Aside from this, ability of colon to assimilate vitamins and minerals is also reduced to a great extent.

Chronic irrigation is one of the best ways to cleaning, toning, and exercising the bowel. In this process, a warm and purified water is inserted through a tube into the rectum area. The water pressure and temperature is carefully controlled by a trained therapist. Sometimes special massage techniques are used for stimulating the release of all the stored faecal matter.

* Enemas-There is some difference between colonic irrigation and enemas. In enemas the liquid is held there in rectum area to enable it work on the impacted feaces. There are different types of enemas such as soap, water, saline, coffee, oil. Coffee enemas are in use since centuries and are totally safe for human body.

* You can also use partially hydrolyzed guar gum. It is easily soluble in water and can greatly reduce your constipation problem. This is a highly effective natural remedies irritable bowel syndrome.

* You should increase your intake of soluble fibers to facilitate easy movement of food in your digestive track. Include fruits such as banana, organs, pineapples, peaches, strawberries in your diet. You can also include fresh vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, radish, carrot, spinach to get the desired results. You can also increase your vitamin and nutrient intake by including all these vegetables in your diet.

* Anti-parasite remedy-Many people can get parasites in their intestines that can cause havoc with their digestive system and intestines. Mostly, it leads to IBS related symptoms in the suffering people. Mostly a combination of herbs can easily destroy most of the parasites during all stages of their cycles.

Try to treat the condition with clove oil, as it is bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-parasitic in nature. Annua, artemesia, wormwood, and green hulls of black walnuts are some of the best remedies for parasites. Aside from this, you can also use Oregon grape root, agrimony, barberry, garlic, prickly ash, golden seal, pau d’arco.

* Ginger is also one of the best natural remedies irritable bowel syndrome. It also promotes healthy blood circulation and digestion of food.

* You can also take aloe vera juice early in the morning to reduce the symptoms of IBS. You can also take psyllium husk as it is a good source of soluble fiber. This ensures good movement of stool in the intestines. It also helps in avoiding constipation and diarrhea.

* Digestive enzymes- Many people above 30 do not have sufficient digestive enzymes in their intestines, which inhibits the absorption of nutrients that are required for the maintenance of good health. This causes health to degrade, thereby accelerating the ageing process and onset of various diseases.

By taking enzymes on regular basis, you can promote waste elimination, food digestion and easy bioavailability of nutrients in blood stream, which increases your energy levels.

* You can also take chlorophyll for cleansing your stomach, and this also helps in reducing constipation.

* You can also take garlic for treating IBS as it helps in eliminating gas from the stomach. It also removes excess mucus from your colon.

* You can take fennel, as it is the best natural remedies irritable bowel syndrome. It prevents bloating in the stomach.

* Probiotics-They are also one of the best natural remedies irritable bowel syndrome. They are living organisms that are found in abundance in our intestines. They are there to suppress the harmful organisms and bacteria in our intestines that are responsible for IBS. If there is sufficient amount of these “good bacteria”, it can help in reducing the symptoms of IRB to a great extent. You can introduce them in body by taking them on regular basis to enable the to show their good effects.