Finding The Best Pain Relief For IBS

If you happen to experience constipation, abdominal pain, gastritis, headache, or mucus-covered tools, then you are probably having IBS. Like any other medical condition, IBS is irritating and it can affect your normal routine at home or in the office. With this, it is very crucial to seek the best pain relief for IBS.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – A Short Info

IBS is an enteric nervous system medical disorder that includes abdominal painwith diarrhea, constipation, or bowel dysmotility. Irritable Bower Syndrome is also known as spastic colitis, spastic colon, functional bowel disease, mucous colitis, and spastic bowel. IBS is indeed irritating, however it is not cancerous or contagious. The only thing that must be done when someone experiences symptoms of this condition is to find the best pain relief for IBS.

Symptoms and Causes of IBS

When you talk about IBS, it must be noted that its symptoms are varied and can be a combination of any of its symptoms. Most of its symptoms include heartburn, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, frequent bowel movements, abdominal bloating, hemmorhoids, as well as changes in bowel habits.

If you happen to experience these symptoms, never hesitate to ask your doctor about it.

Remember that symptoms occur because your body is experiencing a certain kind of condition. So never underestimate these symptoms. It is always best to treat these symptoms the soonest.
In terms of its causes, there are various reasons why a person might suffer from this particular condition:

1. Hypersensitivity – A person who has a lower pain threshold, with regard to the stretching of the bowel as a result of stool or gas, than other people has a higher tendency of having IBS.

2. Psychological Problems – Based on research, those people who have IBS are those who have psychological or mental problems such as depression, anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. Genetics – It has been found out that IBS can be caused by genetic factors as well. In other words, if it runs in the family, there are higher possibilities that those people who have IBS have other family members who also have the same condition.

4. Sensitivity to certain Foods – According to researchers, symptoms of IBS may caused by consumption of certain foods. It has been found out that foods and beverages which have highe amount of spices, carbohydrates, as well as alcohol and coffee can cause IBS symptoms.

Natural Remedies to Treat IBS

In finding the best pain relief for IBS, it must be noted that you can choose from various home remedies.

1. PartiallyHydrolyzed Guar Gum – PHGG is known as a soluble fiber that can help in reducing constipation. It can also help in reducing symptoms of IBS.

2. Peppermint Oil – A popular home remedy for IBS is peppermint oil. This oil has been proven to reduce bloating and abdominal pain. This oil is also helpful as a carminative herb, which has the ability to flush out excess gas or air from your intestines. However, it must be noted that peppermint oil must not be used by pregnant women. And it must not be taken in excess amount. Excess doses of this oil may result to loss of appetite, nervous system disorders, nausea, or even kidney failure.

3. Probiotic Drinks – Probiotics are known as friendly bacteria. These microbial organisms are helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are known to promote overall digestive health. It can help improve immune function, produce vitamin K, enhance your digestive tract’s protective barrier, and suppress bacterial growth in your digestive system.

The Importance of Healthy Lifestyle

Like any other ways of fighting a certain condition, prevention is better than cure. However, if you are already suffering from this certain condition, a very important thing to do is to find the best pain relief for IBS. When opting for natural remedies, it is alsovital to maintain healthy lifestyle and appreciate the importance of healthy living.

1. Avoid certain Foods – There are definitely some foods that can worsen IBS symptoms. You must get rid of chocolate, coffee, soda, caffeine, sweeteners, and dairy products from your daily meal. You must avoid vegetables like cabbage, beans, broccoli, and cauliflower since these can make the symptoms worse.

2. Water Therapy – Drinking plenty of water has always been an advantage in avoiding serious condition or symptoms to occur. Drinking plenty of water has always been of the best tips to keep your body healthy. It can also prevent dehydration.

3. Maintain a Fiber-rich Diet – If you have IBS, another best thing to do is to maintain a dietwith high fiber content. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans are just a few the fiber-rich foods. The good thing about soluble fiber is that it can prevent IBS symptoms. It can also stabilize intestinal contractions. Soluble fiber is very effective in preventing and relieving both constipation and diarrhea. You can also opt for fiber supplements. Nowadays, you can purchase these supplements at an affordable price.

4. Be Cautious in Taking Medications – Laxatives and anti-diarrheal medications can be bought over the counter. However, it must be noted that you must be careful with whatever you take. In order to be sure, talk to your doctor about it and ask for the right medication. Do not be hesitant in talking to your dentist about the symptoms you are experiencing. This way, it will be easier for your doctor to give the right medications.

5. Always do regular exercises – A healthy diet is not just enough in fighting IBS symptoms, remember to maintain a regular exercise habit. You can do various exercises that promote healthy digestive system. Remember that exercise can help your digestive system in terms of easier digestion and other activities. When doing exercises, you can search for various exercises that can help in promoting healthier digestive system.

Indeed, IBS is an irritating condition. It can be quite embarrassing too. So if you have this type of condition, always seek for the best pain relief for IBS. Remember that, there are effective ways to fight IBS symptoms and reduce the pain, but choosing the best remedy is necessary.