Can Ibs Cause Joint Pain?


joint_pain_600x300_If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, that is bad enough right there.

There are so many unpleasant symptoms that go along with a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, some of them physical, and more of them emotional.

The despair that sometimes accompanies the disease of irritable bowel syndrome is unbelievable!

Then, the experiences that you go through when you have irritable bowel syndrome can also be made exponentially worse by the fact that many times, the medical establishment does not take a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome seriously.

Many doctors will shrug off the very unpleasant and serious symptoms that their patients report having, and tell them that what they are experiencing is simply caused by stress or that it is all in their head.

Suffering from a condition that is as uncomfortable and painful as irritable bowel syndrome, then to have it compounded by being condescended to by a doctor that does not believe the you are actually experiencing physical symptoms ‘ what on earth could make that worse?

Well, if you are also experiencing another set of symptoms, such as joint pain, that can make it worse!

One of the horrible things about that is being I’m sure if the two things are related or unrelated.

You wonder ‘ can IBS cause joint pain? Am I simply suffering from two unrelated conditions?

Are there medications that I take for one condition which would have an adverse affect on the other condition?

The question seem to apply for your brain faster than you can even process them!

If you are looking for answers for questions such as ‘ can IBS cause joint pain, there are several places on the Internet that you can effectively look to find good answers.

Here are five specific places where you would undoubtedly find good information on the topic of irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, and how the two things relate to one another.

  • First, look on blogs where people have written about their experiences with irritable bowel syndrome.

Chances are, someone who has had enough experience with irritable bowel syndrome that they have decided to keep an entire blog on it is going to write about a lot of the secondary conditions that they experience, whether they feel that those are a direct result of their irritable bowel syndrome or whether they feel that the two are completely separate.

Why looking at the experiences of others and comparing them to your own, you can come to some important conclusions by drawing on the similarities and noticing the differences between what they have experienced and what you have experienced.

joint_pain_600x300_It is particularly important to draw on their experiences when it comes to handling the issue emotionally ‘ reading blogs from people who have been through a lot of the same experiences that you have can help you to know that you are by no means alone in the sometimes harsh world of dealing with irritable bowel syndrome!

  • Second, look on Internet message boards better devoted to the topic of irritable bowel syndrome, as you will find many threads devoted to secondary symptoms that people attribute to their struggle with irritable bowel syndrome.

One of the most difficult things about dealing with an isolating medical condition is that you can, and often do, feel completely alone.

Frequenting message boards that are dedicated to the topic of irritable bowel syndrome can help to alleviate that. It can also help you to find out if other people have dealt with joint pain.

However, if your joint pain is a symptom of the very common ailment of depression that sometimes accompanies irritable bowel syndrome, then just that, lottery the you find at the message boards could possibly be enough to alleviate it.

  • Third, look on medical information websites which are specifically designed to give information on medical conditions.

There are many medical websites on the Internet that have specifically been created with the purpose of educating people on various medical conditions.

Take advantage of these resources in order to study about both irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain, and draw your own conclusion about whether the two things might be linked.

  • Fourth, look on question and answer websites, particularly ones that give extra points or credit if the person that provides the best answer cites all of their sources.

These question and answer websites can be particularly helpful, because many people have gone to the thread before you and done the work of betting which one of the answers is the best and voting it to the top.

  • Fifth, conduct an Internet search using various iterations of the keyword “can IBS cause joint pain” ‘ such as “has anyone had experience with IBS causing joint pain”, “does irritable bowel syndrome cause joint pain”,

“I have joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome” or “evidence for joint pain being caused by irritable bowel syndrome.”

If you are suffering from both irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain, the best thing you can do for yourself is to arm yourself with all of the information that you can. Information, after all, is power ‘ and especially in medical situations.

Many times, doctors count on you not being informed about your own medical situation so that they can get you to quickly comply with whatever course of treatment they recommend to you.

In many cases, they don’t want to take the time to explore various treatment options with you and let you choose what course you feel would be best for you ‘ they simply want to prescribe and move on.

However, you need to remember that this is your body and your medical situation.

It is up to you to be in charge! By arming yourself with information about irritable bowel syndrome and joint pain, you are giving yourself the best weapon you could possibly have in your arsenal to fight both of them.



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