How Is Ibs Detected And What To Do


6_1_Brunette_Holding_StomachIrritable Bowel Syndrome is not an easy thing to diagnose. Ultimately it takes the individual to go to the doctor in order to receive a real diagnosis.

When someone believes he or she has IBS then they have to know the symptoms associated with the syndrome.

Do you experience constant bloating no matter what foods you eat? Ever feel cramps that seem unbearable at times as a result of eating food?

Are you plagued with diarrhea or constipation? If this all sounds familiar then you probably have IBS.

People with irritable bowel syndrome constantly have to monitor their food intake or else they will suffer with severe gas and cramps.

So a person may ask, how is IBS detected? Well think about the questions just asked and if you answered yes to all or most of them then you probably have IBS.

Let’s not rush into anything. Think for a second, how long have you experienced problems with your gastrointestinal tract? You might just have caught a bug that is messing with your stomach and intestines.

Some bugs last a couple of days while others can bother a person for a couple of weeks.

Try to practice healthy eating if you recently started to notice a change with how you digest food.

If the problem persists over an extended period of time then you may have IBS.

Someone that has suffered from digestive problems for a good amount of time should visit a doctor for aid. You may find that you have a bacterial infection and not IBS.

What does a doctor do and how is IBS detected? Your practitioner will ask you a series of questions similar to the ones in the beginning of the article.

Keep in mind there is no definitive test that can determine that you have IBS. You must consult with your doctor and let him or her know about what you experience when you digest food.

fruits-61896_640Together the two of you can determine a proper diagnosis. Your doctor will be able to run other tests to see if there is a possibility that you have another type of disorder or infection.

At times people may even realize that they have IBS along with another digestive disorder.

It’s important to keep track of how your body digests food and to try your best to eat foods that won’t trigger your IBS.

Once you find out that you do have IBS you need to take measures to get it under control.

Carry a pen and paper with you to take note of all the foods that cause you to feel uneasy.

Go ahead and use the notes section on your smart phone if you have one. Just as long as you are taking notes of what is making your stomach feel out of character.

Look for a trend and if you notice there is something related to all the foods that are causing you problems then you might have intolerance to a certain food.

Do all of the foods that make you have gas and cramps contain dairy? You might realize that you do not have IBS but that you are just lactose intolerant.

Lucky for you over the counter medication exists. Look for pills that can help you produce the lactase enzyme when you eat dairy so that you’ll have an easier time to digest milk, cheese, and other foods with dairy that you love so much.

Try and give your intestines a rest from rich or greasy food for awhile. Stick to a basic protein and vegetable diet for a few weeks and then revert back to normal foods.

You might just have a buildup of bad bacteria and need to give your body some relief. Go on a cleanse or eat foods that are easy for your body to digest.

Get your intestinal tract back in proper working order and you may realize that you just needed to give your stomach a break.

Even if your IBS symptoms return you’ll at least realize that you can still eat food and reduce your symptoms with a healthier diet.

You may consider a lifestyle change so that you do not have to suffer as much. Now you don’t have to ponder the question, how is IBS detected? You know what to look for, so pay attention to your body and figure out if you have IBS or not.


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