How To Stop Ibs Symptoms The Easy Way


Sabai-D-iconIrritable bowel syndrome is something only your doctor or gastroenterologist can diagnose accurately.

This is because, while many people think they have IBS, it would be other bowel conditions and you have to undergo various test as well as a physical examination.

If your tests come back with no abnormalities in your whole digestive tract, that chances are high that you have IBS.

You may have pain, diarrhea or constipation and abdominal cramps or even all four, then the question becomes how to stop IBS symptoms so that you can become healthy and pain-free again.

The first thing to check out is your diet. Many of us today eat foods and drinks that are unhealthy on a regular basis and for people with IBS, it is an excellent idea to keep a diary with the exact foods and drinks consumed, the time and also how you felt afterwards (up to say two or three hours afterwards).

This simple task will often give you amazing insights. For example, it could be that a burger with coffee gives you problems but if you omit the coffee and drink water instead, then you have no symptoms.

This is very personal and simply combining foods differently or eating more slowly can make a huge difference.

It could also be that you are lactose intolerant and you simply didn’t know it. You can see how you feel after a cup of coffee with milk or cream compared with black coffee.

Obviously all milk products could affect you such as cheese and yoghurt. If this is the case with you, make sure you start reading labels on all your foods.

It is surprising how many milk products squirm their way into foods you would never think of.

Sabai-D-iconIf you are lactose intolerant, avoiding milk products is an easy way how to stop IBS symptoms.

You might get IBS symptoms from coffee but also any product that has caffeine in it.

This would include black and green tea, cola drinks and in fact many soft drinks ‘ again read the labels.

Another stimulate that could affect IBS negatively is nicotine which is a strong stimulant just like caffeine. Also alcohol could cause IBS symptoms so it’s best to avoid it.

On the other hand, adding more foods to your diet that are rich in fiber can help if you have IBS.

While you might take prescription medication your health care provider advises, or even over the counter medication, it could happen that with regular use your body becomes accustomed to it and it ceases to help or only has a minimal effect and it’s good to be aware of this.

A huge contributor to IBS is stress. Some people are well tuned into their body and can tell that they were stressed and had an IBS attack.

Others might get IBS but don’t feel any undue stress but it could be a factor as the stress is so deep down the person simply doesn’t acknowledge it.

If you think stress could well be a factor, it is often a good idea to simply share your thoughts and concerns with others ‘ it could be a friend or family member, your doctor or even a religious adviser.

It will help to talk to someone you trust about your condition and your frustrations, etc. Another good stress reliever is exercise.

Regular exercises not only helps your body become stronger and more supple but the endorphins released during exercise help to combat stress and most people feel much happier when they exercise on a regular basis. This is a great way how to stop IBS symptoms.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you control your IBS symptoms.



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