Irritable Bowel Syndrome Signs and Symptoms and What You Can Do About It


There are many different digestive disorders out there that can make life challenging for those who have them. If you have went to your primary doctor and received a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat. If you have yet to be diagnosed, you should certainly make that a priority.

doctor IBS check upEven if you think that is what you have, you do not want to assume you are right. It is possible that your symptoms have a different cause.

Because each condition requires treatments that are focused on the the causes in order to properly relieve the symptoms and reduce the possibility of future outbreaks, it is vital that you get the right diagnosis first.

Because the condition is reasonably common, your doctor should be able to ascertain if this is the case with you. It is likely that they will want to run some tests in order to be sure before making a full diagnosis.

Before you go to your appointment, make a list of all of the symptoms you are experiencing that you think are related to irritable bowel syndrome. Then, you can present them to the doctor. They will likely ask additional questions so, do not feel flustered if it seems like it is taking longer to find out than you want. Your doctor is likely trying to be thorough prior to making a diagnosis.

The symptoms associated with IBS often include pain and indigestion. This is because of the areas of your body that are affected by IBS. Your colon, or large intestine, is a part of your digestive system. The foods that you eat go through a variety of internal organs before reaching this part of your body. By the time your food reaches your colon, the digestive process is mostly complete and the material is ready for evacuation through a bowel movement.

use the RestroomIf you have irritable bowel syndrome, you may have the need to use the restroom to relieve your bowels unexpectedly. This can be very frustrating, and potentially embarrassing if you are in a social situation.

Another thing that you may experience is a sensation that you were not able to completely eliminate all of the material in your bowels when you go to the bathroom.

This may leave you panicking that you will need to go again quickly. This is why you need to learn everything that you can about reducing the symptoms and how you can prevent these types of attacks from happening to you. Otherwise, you may find yourself avoiding social situations because you do not want to have an embarrassing accident.

If you have this condition, the muscles that are responsible for moving your food through the intestines do not function the same as others. They may have more intense contractions, which is what leads to the feeling of urgency, or the contractions may last longer than normal. For most people, it is not a problem to wait a few minutes in line at the bathroom.

However, if you have IBS, these intense contractions can make the wait seem impossible. In the worst case, you may not be able to stop them and end up with fecal material leaking from your rectum before you are able to get to the toilet.

In addition to IBS, many patients also have troubles with acid reflux. The combination of the two is very common so, if you have IBS, you may want to discuss GERD with your doctor. Those letters stand for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

gerdThis is a type of acid reflux that is very intense and not as common as what most people consider when talking about heartburn. The joint diagnosis means that you are likely to experience pains throughout the entire process of digestion.

You will need to find out what types of food are likely to trigger your symptoms so that you can avoid them. While the doctor will likely provide you with a list, you may discover that there are other things that are also irritants to your own stomach and digestive tract.

It is best to eliminate everything that your doctor suggests and only try to reintroduce one thing at a time to see if it is a trigger for your symptoms. If you realize that other foods seem to irritate your digestion, add them to your list of foods to avoid.

Being the victim of pain and continual digestive troubles can be a troubling way to live. However, there are solutions available to you. By finding out what symptoms you have and treating them, you should be able to gain control over your life and begin to live it again more fully.


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