Irritable Bowel Treatment – What Options Are There?


6_1_Brunette_Holding_StomachWhen it comes to irritable bowel treatment, then there are a few options available to anybody that is unfortunate enough to suffer from this particular problem. The treatment that you have may be determined by the severity of the condition or if it is merely a case of trying to manage the problem, or get it under control.

It is important to point out that there is no set cure for this particular condition and it does mean that treatment focuses on easing your symptoms in order to make them more manageable than they currently are. Do consider talking to your doctor about what you should do, but in general you should be looking at either taking medication or making some changes to your lifestyle, or in the majority of cases a mixture of both will be the best way forward.

With regard to treatments that could be classified as self-help, then one of the first areas to examine is your diet and as you may expect there are certain things that you should look at limiting how much you consume on a daily basis. Look at limiting how much caffeine you consume along with cutting back on carbonated drinks and also alcohol. You should also limit how much insoluble fibre you eat especially when the condition has flared up and restrict the amount of processed food you eat as this contains resistant starch and your body will have difficulty in processing it.

For lifestyle changes, then you should increase the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis until you are able to do approximately 30 minutes of it five times a week. Do also try to limit the amount of stress that you are under as stress is seen as being a contributing factor to this condition, so learn how to meditate or how to relax as this can make a difference to your health.

Finally, there are various medications that your doctor may decide to give you in order to get the condition under some kind of control although there are others that you can get over the counter that can still give you some kind of relief. The main medication you should look at taking include those that will stop you going to the toilet as often, laxatives if you are suffering from constipation, antispasmodic medicines that are designed to stop stomach cramps, and also probiotics that contain good bacteria that can help to settle the condition. The medication that can be prescribed by your doctor will tend to be stronger versions of those that are available over the counter and are for more severe episodes.

Those are some of the options that are available when it comes to irritable bowel treatment and it really is a case of trying to contain and control the condition as much as possible and ease individual symptoms as they arise. You are advised to make those changes to your lifestyle, change your diet, and consult your doctor should an episode be worse than you have previously experienced and if over the counter remedies have not helped as the correct medication can make a difference and help you to regain control and be largely symptom free.


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