Is Fruit Bad For Ibs Or Not


Apple cider vinegarIt can be a struggle for many out there to find what foods they should eat and what foods they should avoid when dealing with the symptoms of IBS.

So is fruit bad for IBS or is it the other things that you are putting in your mouth such as friend foods or the fiber cereal that you eat in the morning?

Let us consider some fruits they may trigger the symptoms of IBS as well as look at the fruits that don’t and what else you could be putting in your mouth that does.

IBS is a serious issue for many to the point that they are embarrassed to leave there home due to the fact that they may have an accident or due to the fact that they will not be close to a bathroom wherever they are going.

Either way irritable bowl syndrome is a very difficult illness, but can be helped or even avoided if one knows what foods cause IBS and what foods do not.

In just finding out the right foods to eat, you just might be able to cure yourself naturally of your IBS.

So Is fruit bad for IBS or not? The truth is that some fruits are bad for IBS such as fruits that are very acetic such as oranges, limes, lemons, pineapple, sour apples or grape fruits.

These types of fruits may attribute to a person not being able to control there IBS or cure it.

Now other fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, mangos and cherries are fruits that do not upset IBS and be a way to get a good source of fiber without over doing it.

Plain and simple as you can see here, not all fruits contribute to the symptoms of IBS.

Let us take a look not at some foods or food groups that do contribute to IBS and that is fried food. Anything deep fried and greasy is definitely going to attribute to IBS.

Even in a person that does not have IBS fried foods such as chicken or french fries can cause a lose stool in the morning, just imagine for someone that does have a problem with this.

Apple cider vinegarFried foods irritate the bowels and will cause a person that has IBS already to have even worse symptoms than before.

Another food that can cause or contribute to IBS i are certain types pf raw vegetables.

While it is very important that we all are eating plenty of vegetable for our digestive track it there are certain vegetables that may be a no go for IBS people.

Certain raw vegetables such as onions, scallions and red peppers can irritate an IBS suffering person.

As well as gas producing vegetable like cabbage, this can definitely contribute to an increased problem of IBS. Many today are in to the fad of sugar free this and sugar free that.

While some sugar free items are sweetened with good sugar free sweeteners such as Stevia, many other things are sweetened with sucralose and high fructose corn syrup which will irritate the bowels of IBS people tremendously.

Almost any pack of gum that you buy at the store if not bought at a health or fitness store will have sugar free written on it.

Chewing gum on top of the fact that it is sugar free and artificially sweetened is not good for IBS people.

This is can even come down to using sugar free packets to sweeten your ice tea or coffee to a sugar free ice cream.

When it comes down to it, it may be better to find something sweetened with raw cane sugar that will not upset your bowels.

So is fruit bad for IBS or is it all the other foods that you are putting in your mouth that is contributing to it? Fact is, fruit can contribute to IBS, but not all fruit will.

You can enjoy the fruits mentioned above, but more so it is important to avoid the greasy foods, raw vegetables mentioned and sugar free products that has been so hyped up about for so long.

When people are suffering with IBS they need to sit down with a pen and paper and list the foods that they are eating every day and compare it with the list of foods that they should avoid, so they can really see what they are putting in their mouths.

This way they are able to start making changes as soon as possible which will help in time to reduce their IBS symptoms or even get it under control completely.

What could be better than to change the way you eat a little so that you do not have to worry about going out ever and again and can enjoy your life without letting IBS take over it completely.



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