Is Papaya Good For Ibs?


Inature-87261_640f you have ever had a colonoscopy done to find that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), then you have probably heard how important it is to get a good amount of fiber in your diet to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

But what foods should you be eating, and does the type of fiber make a difference?

The best fiber for IBS is soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber is the type of fiber that dissolves in water and it can be one of the best dietary aid for preventing the symptoms of IBS!

But this type of fiber isn’t found in most of the foods you would think would have it, such as wheat bran or green vegetables. Soluble fiber is mostly found in starchy foods.

So what exactly does this type of fiber do? For one, it slows down the digestive system while regulating the digestive tract, stopping the cramping that comes from IBS, and helps normalize the bowels.

How does it do this? Since it dissolves in water, it absorbs the excess liquid that an be found in the digestive tract, It creates a thick gel that will keep diarrhea away, keeps the GI muscles stretched, and thus stops the horrible cramping and bad diarrhea that comes with IBS.

One great food that contains this fiber is papaya. It has 12% fiber and 60% of that is soluble fiber.

But how else is papaya good for IBS? Papaya contains many proteolytic enzymes, which means protein digesting, which help aid in digestion.

One of those enzymes is papain. The papain enzyme breaks down meats and other proteins.

One big reason for bad IBS symptoms, as well as acid reflux and heart burn, is that people tend to eat a lot of low quality meat during the week and this doesn’t digest well.

Papain is a good thing to have in your body in order to break down that meat and make it all move smoothly through your digestive tract.

Papain works by breaking down the peptide bonds in complex proteins and turning them into amino acids that then work to help aid in growth and repairing the body.

Papain speeds up the digestion of meat, and also can breakdown trouble proteins such as gluten and milk, which also can wreak havoc in the digestive system.

nature-87261_640Eating papaya about an hour before a meal sets you up for no IBS systems.

As a soft fruit, it doesn’t take much to digest and the enzymes can get down into the intestinal tract before any of the stomach acids can deactivate the papain.

How else is papaya good for IBS? The proteoplytic enzymes don’t just help in digestion. It can also prevent fungal candida getting out of control.

On it’s own, in small quantities, fungal candida is perfectly safe and a normal part of the human body, but overgrowth can cause serious pain and infections.

There are a lot of ways to get more papaya into your diet. Green papaya has the most papain, but isn’t as appetizing as other types. It can make a killer green papaya salad, but sadly not much else.

Yellow papaya is the most popular and contains higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins. These, as well as slighter greener pieces, can be used in things like smoothies.

But maybe you don’t like papaya, or you can’t find enough recipes for papaya to keep it appetizing so you won’t grow tired of it quickly.

Or maybe it’s just too expensive! A newer alternative are capsules that contain green papaya.

Just take it at the beginning of a meal that is high in protein to help digestion and avoid the cramps and diarrhea later!

Papaya helps with the other symptoms of IBS as well, such as bloating, constipation, and mucus in the gut. These are all such embarrassing things to have and can be painful.

Is papaya good for IBS only, or does it help in other things? It can help in all sorts of ways in the body!

For instance, papain and some of the other enzymes in papaya can break down fibrin protein, which is a big reason people get blood clots.

IT can also put a coating over dangerous cancer cells so it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem!

Papayas can help kill germs that end up causing things like fungal or parasitic infections.

It can also reduce the symptoms of nausea when consumed on a regular basis! It’s also very low in calories and can be a good use in diets to lose weight!

The uses of papaya are almost endless. It’s a super fruit that doesn’t get the advertising that it so deserves.

So, if you start feeling those pains from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or just want to lose some weight, papaya is the fruit for you!



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  • Monica Cameron says:
    5 stars

    It is the best fruit for me. It kills Prasites,Bad Bacteria and Fungus,also Candida,the seeds when crushed the juice from the seeds is good for Liver problems or sicknesses.
    I planted a few trees and I try to eat Papaya every day.the leaves is also very good to make tea for all kinds of Mosquitoe Viruses.
    And if you want your meat to cook fast fold your meat in Papaya leaf over night in your refrigerator.It iv very good for Diabetes when cooked green or it can make salads.
    Thank you.

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