Learning More About the Ibs Cure

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is actually disorder which happens when people’s intestinal muscles will contract slower or faster than regular and as a result of this, they will create prolonged periods of constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, cramping and of course, pain. Even though in what regards an ibs cure there is none at the moment, there are plenty of strategies people can use in order to ensure their condition will be controlled and they will not have to deal with too much discomfort.

There have been many studies performed around IBS and it seems that the majority of people who suffer from it also have a wheat allergy. For these individuals, due to the fact that they have intolerance to gluten, their digestion is going to be severely impacted and their irritable bowel syndrome will get worse. If people have dairy products, then people should know that this will severely impact their condition, most of the times forming mucus in their bowels and of course, leading to gastrointestinal distress. The truth is that many people who suffer from IBS show on tolerance to lactose and in fact their system is practically unable to digest the protein molecules which are present in any dairy product on the market.


In what regards sugars, they are regularly broken down by certain enzymes in the intestines and then they are absorbed. Because plenty of individuals who deal with irritable bowel syndrome will not produce these enzymes, the sugars in their body will not get to be broken down as they should. Eventually, in almost every case these sugars will end up in the large intestine, which means that the bacteria in the intestines will absorb them, but with a consequence: the individual will have to deal with extreme gasses.

However, for those who are dealing with sugar cravings and they cannot control them on their own, they should know that L-glutamine is a natural amino acid that can help them in this regard. So basically, when people have cravings for sugar, they should just have an L-glutamate capsule placed under their tongue for a few minutes (5 usually) and then swallow the capsule. The capsule will actually feed the brain and reduce the sugar craving individuals have.

Aloe Vera

  ibs cureThere are many individuals out there who are aware of Aloe Vera and the many benefits this has in skincare products. What they don’t know though is that Aloe Vera also became really popular in what regards treating irritable bowel syndrome and many other similar digestive problems. If people will drink aloe Vera juices, they will help their body eliminate toxins from their digestive system more effectively and at the same time break down impacted stools. Even though this is not actually an ibs cure, there are plenty of individuals who stand behind Aloe Vera and consider it a life saver.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegarFor many years it seems that apple cider vinegar has been considered as one of the best cures for many kinds of ailments. People who will decide to use it should know that it can help out with aiding digestion very much, because it helps the human body to eliminate and also assimilate food. Basically, apple cider vinegar acts as an antiseptic to the whole digestive tract and of course, to the intestines as well. Because its healing properties are quite remarkable, it can also help individuals who would like to gain control over diarrhea for short periods of time. For those who would like to consider it, it’s recommended they will take 1 teaspoon of it in a 200 ml glass of water. The drink needs to be consumed before and after each meal.


AcidophilusFor those who never heard about Acidophilus, they should know that this is actually a helpful bacteria that lives in their colon. In people’s digestive tracts, there are over four hundred types of bacteria residing. While some are responsible for producing diarrhea, constipation, bloating and also gas, others are beneficial. In what regards Acidophilus, it is believed to be really helpful with aiding many bodily processes and it’s available in straws, packets and also capsules. For children and also adults who have trouble swallowing capsules, the many forms it comes in will ensure they no longer have to deal with such discomforts.

Coconut oil

Coconut OilCrHowever, current research has shown that coconut oil seems to be really effective and it might be considered as an ibs cure. This is one of the edible exotic oils out there and it seems that for thousands of years it has been used for many purposes. By many people, this is considered as a miracle drug because it has been proven to be really effective with boosting energy levels, supporting thyroid function, reducing cholesterol, helping out with the stabilization of diabetes and many more. For those who are interested in it, they should know coconut oil is available in capsules and also solid form for those who would like to use it as a cooking ingredient. After getting it, it’s recommended to have it kept at room temperature.


MagnesiumMagnesium is one of the many types of minerals which are required by the body very much. Researchers say that around forty percent of Americans do not get enough magnesium from their daily diet, which is really an alarming rate. In what regards people who suffer from IBS, those who have the daily recommended dose of magnesium in their diet experienced an improvement in their condition. To number some of the foods in which magnesium can be found, they are whole grains, seeds, nuts, spinach and generally green vegetables.

Individuals may also choose to take magnesium supplements as intramuscular injections, liquid or oral tablets. However, people suffering from IBS should not take Magnesium oxide supplements, because these are the ones the body will absorb the poorest. It’s better they go for Magnesium sulfate, gluconate, citrate and chloride forms.

Plenty of people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome find their symptoms improve when they decide to add some fiber to their diet. People who suffer from constipation will find this new diet addition to be really helpful. With that being said, individuals who consider these tips will eventually be able to improve their IBS condition.