Lettuce Is Good For Ibs


Irritable Bowel Syndrome plagues thousands of people all over the planet. Suffering from this condition would motivate someone to change their diet, or figure out what foods to eat, but few actually take any action to really cure their IBS. If you are serious about removing IBS from harming your life then you are going to want to get used to eating a lot more green food.

spinach leavesSalad, spinach, and other green foods are good for your body, and they can help you avoid feeling the effects of IBS. The more green you eat the better it is for your body in the long run.

Avoid foods high in sugar, anything that is super greasy, or eating foods that you know will trigger your IBS. It’s tough to have to sit through a meeting or engage in conversion with people in a small space when you start to feel cramps and/or gas.

Did you know irritable bowel syndrome is the most commonly diagnosed gastrointestinal disorder. About one out of six Americans suffers from IBS. People do not simply know how to limit their body from eating bad food, it’s that simple. Many would rather enjoy a temporary good feeling of sensation on their tastebuds along with discomfort than to do what is right for their body.

You do not have to give in like the rest of the population. While it is true that you may never be able to get rid of IBS entirely, you can definitely eliminate it to a point where you do not feel it creeping up in your body as much. That is because when you make an effort to reduce the amount of bad food you eat you will be moving in the right direction towards allowing your body to heal properly.

There is no way as of now to cure IBS. That is exactly why a lot of people give up hope right away. But you do not have to feel like there is no way for you to feel good about your body and what it feels like. As long as you are conscious of everything that you are putting inside and making a mental note about what does and does not trigger your IBS you can figure out what to eat.

no pastaYou may notice that you can still eat some of your favorite food, but that you must refrain from others. Pasta is probably one of the hardest food types to stay away from, but it can actually harm your body and cause you to get IBS more than any other type of food.

Jot down a list or keep in your memory bank all of the foods that cause you to feel the symptoms of IBS. After every meal gauge how it affects your stomach.

Also, make sure that you take into consideration what you ate earlier in the day. Knowing what foods directly cause IBS, as well as what combination of foods causes it is a good step in the right direction towards limiting yourself from eating bad foods all the time.

Now you can still eat what you want, but just know that there are consequences with eating particular foods. Every now and then it is find to splurge, just know what is coming. For the most part you are going to want to refrain from eating food that is going to cause you to feel sick and the symptoms associated with IBS, but it may not be that bad if you only let it happen once in awhile.

There are a lot of people that choose to enjoy the foods they love but at the same time cause them IBS when they know they don’t have anywhere important to be. You can give yourself one cheat day a month as motivation to commit to a new diet that can prevent you from causing yourself to suffer from IBS.

That one cheat day can be something you look forward to, and it can help give you the right amount of motivation to not constantly harm your body by going through IBS.

lettuce leavesThe problem many people face when they are trying to change their eating habits is that they think it will last forever. With one cheat day you can feel motivated to know that you can enjoy any type of food again in the near future.

You may notice that while before you changed your eating habits a particular type of food might have hurt you significantly, but after when you go for a period of time with eating healthy that you are not feeling as many of the symptoms as you once did.

If you happen to notice that your symptoms are not as severe after you have changed your eating habits, that means you are pushing yourself in the right direction to manage IBS.

Part of living with irritable bowel syndrome is understanding how your body works. Workout and make sure that you build your abdominal muscles if possible. By doing that you can help increase your metabolism and reduce gas and cramps that occur.

Lettuce can be really good for IBS because it does not contain carbs, but better yet it is easy for your body to digest. When you do not have IBS plaguing your body you should feel a lot better about moving around and going about your life in general, so good luck.


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