Main Causes Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


There are a lot of myths that seem to be making the rounds when it comes to what causes irritable bowel syndrome. Most people feel that irritable bowel syndrome is all about certain causes and it is these triggers that seem to make the symptoms pop up that most people have started to associate with IBS.

However, this is not always the case and there are quite a few different factors that come into play which lead to a person having to deal with irritable bowel syndrome. Here are some of the main causes that should be considered.

Development Of Ulcers

ulcerUlcers are often regarded as something that are on their own when it comes to medical conditions that a person could face. People might feel they have nothing to do with irritable bowel syndrome, but that is not the case at all.

The body is going to be transforming a lot when there are ulcers inside and that is in turn going to  cause the digestive processes to change as well. This leads to a lot of upheaval inside the human body which in turn causes significant medical issues. Therefore, ulcers do have a role to play as a trigger.

Poor Diet

Diets that are poor in terms of what you are eating on a regular basis can end up being the root cause of so many different medical conditions and irritable bowel syndrome is one of them. You have to be careful of what is going into the body as that is what will end up defining how you are in terms of your health.

You don’t want to be in a situation where your diet is becoming the number one cause of all your ailments. This happens with a lot of people in the modern age because they are not able to take care of themselves and what they are consuming.

Lack Of Rest

get regular sleepRest is key and there are so many people that don’t sleep enough and this causes them to put their body through a lot of stress too.

The body has to grow and develop and that is only going to happen when you are sleeping at night. If you don’t get regular sleep, you are asking for trouble and there are so many individuals that just don’t get enough sleep.

This can become a cause for your irritable bowel syndrome because the body is not getting a chance to relax.

Undue Stress

Stress is something that has been combined with a number of different medical conditions over the past few decades. Indeed, the people who are dealing with these concerns note that they have higher levels of stress than the average person and this in turn has an impact on how they feel physically. The brain is sending millions of signals all day and when you are adding stress into the equation, it is going to send everything awry.

When things are not mentally stable, you are going to end up having issues such as irritable bowel syndrome pop up.

Overexertion Physically

Physical exertionPhysical exertion is a great idea especially in the form of exercise and that is not the point of this little tidbit here. In fact, that type of exertion is great and should be encouraged.

However, it is those who go overboard and seem to be doing a lot of moving about and just never get to relax at all who should be stepping back a bit. Overexertion is going to take a toll on the body in some manner and for certain individuals this ends up coming up in the form of irritable bowel syndrome.


A range of changes take place in the body on a regular basis and most people don’t even notice them. One of those changes comes in the form of hormonal levels fluctuating. When this happens, you are going to start to notice how the body does not react in a healthy manner. When your hormonal levels are rising and dipping frequently, you are at risk of having irritable bowel syndrome.

It is essential to keep track of these things because of how important it can be in the short and long term. Sometimes, this is enough of a trigger to do damage.


genes and ibsThis is one of those causes that is still not believed to be true by some, but there is a consensus out there that indeed genetics do have a bit of a role to play and they should be deemed as a ’cause’ that has to be taken into consideration.

Genetics play a role in how the body reacts to certain triggers that might be present. Thus, there are individuals who do end up having to deal with irritable bowel syndrome, while there are others who do not even with the same triggers.

These are all main causes that have been attributed to this issue. It is essential to decipher through all of the information that is present with regards to irritable bowel syndrome and ensure that you are getting the facts and nothing else.

It is easy to get swayed one way or the other when it comes to medical conditions of this nature and most people do listen to what the masses are saying, but that is not always the truth. Pay attention to these causes to ensure that you are not swayed in the wrong direction.


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