Natual Vitamins That Help Ibs Sufferers


Irritable bowel syndrome affects countless people every day. The bloating and pain can take all the pleasure out of mealtimes. Not only that there can be irreparable damage done to the gentle lining of the stomach.Healthcare vitamines

This makes finding reliable and natural remedies for IBS a priority for many people. Yet finding reliable information about how to best deal with IBS can be difficult.

This is why it’s important for those who suffer from this condition to find the information they need in order to properly heal.

One of the most unseen problems caused by IBS is that it interferes with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

This makes if very important for those struggling with this disorder to be careful with what they eat. Fruits and vegetable are highly recommended foods if you have IBS.

However, you should be careful of certain foods, especially those that are oily or spicy. These foods can trigger diarrhea which can further some of the issues you’re having with IBS. So if you suffer from IBS do your best to avoid deep fried and super-hot spicy meals.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about how well vitamins can help the body naturally heal. Recent scientific studies have shown that our body’s cells need certain vitamins and minerals to function at its absolute best. Not only can making sure we get the right nutrition help us feel better. It can also mean spending less time in the doctor’s office.

Vitamins, mineral, and some dietary supplements can ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as well. In fact, most of these vitamins can be easily found in many grocery, drug, or health food stores. Just a simple browse through the aisles and you should be well stocked.

This means that it’s easier than you think to keep Vitamin C, calcium, and Iron in your medicine cabinet. Not only is it good to take these vitamins regularly, but you can also use them to help relieve yourself of IBS symptoms when they crop up.

Vitamin C

Vitamin CVitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid is wonderful to have around. It functions as a natural laxative, and can help relieve painful constipation.

Since many IBS sufferers do feel constipated from time to time, taking a regular dose of vitamin C can be a huge help.

Vitamin C also helps with digestion and immune system response. All of which are wonderful news for an IBS sufferer.

It’s usually recommended to take about 500 milligrams of this amazing nutrient for best results. However, it’s also advised to not take too much Vitamin C. Overdoing it can cause diarrhea and bloating. If you are concerned about how much Vitamin C to take, please consult a trained health professional.


Another wonderful supplement to consider is calcium. While you may have heard calcium is good for your bones, it also has other useful benefits. Most health professionals realize that it’s also a natural cure for both constipation and diarrhea.

Commonly referred to as Calcium Carbonate, it’s known for its anti-diarrheal properties. Another type of calcium Calcium Citrate works more effectively as a laxative. When you are suffering from an IBS episode calcium can really make you feel so much better.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it. The recommended dosage is nor more than 500 milligrams daily. If you notice any pain or bloating after taking calcium then you should see a doctor right away. This may indicate a more severe than normal occurrence of IBS.


Not only is Iron good for blood and circulation, it can also aid in healing during IBS. When you are suffering from IBS your body may not be absorbing all the nutrients it needs properly.

In fact, you may actually be slightly deficient in Iron. Taking an iron supplement can also help if you are suffering from diarrhea. Studies show that taking an iron supplement regularly can help lessen the occurrence of diarrhea.

Vitamin B12

Its’ very easy to become Vitamin B12 deficient when you are having digestive troubles. This is because your body doesn’t absorb this water soluble vitamin as well when the stomach lining is irascible. This is a vital supplement that helps the cell walls in your body stay healthy and strong.

You can also feel very fatigued and tired when you don’t have enough B12. Taking a B12 supplement can go a long way to make you feel more energetic when you are suffering an IBS episode. It’s also a natural pain reliever.

Dietary Fiber

Healthy Foods

If you are having trouble with IBS, you may also want to consider taking regular dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber is great for your digestive system. It also helps remove various toxins and irritants out of your body. This can in turn help to lessen the occurrence of IBS.

Vitamin A

If you suffer from IBS then it’s important to try to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A.

Fresh greens and carrots are loaded with this amazing nutrient. While you can get vitamin A as a supplement many health professionals recommend that you get this vitamin through regularly eating leafy greens and veggies. In fact, research has shown that those who eat a diet rich in these foods, are much less likely to develop IBS.

Before embarking on any dietary change or taking any supplements, it’s always best to consult your doctor. He or she should be able to advise you on the healthiest way to treat your IBS naturally.


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