Natural Cures for the Problem of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a stomach related problem which is experienced by a number of people caused mainly due to stresses. Patients usually start feeling pain in his lower abdomen in the morning hours which worsens with the passage of time during day with a twisting feel in his stomach. Normally the symptoms of IBS can not be diagnosed and treated easily. Cramping, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and diarrhea are considered as the symptoms of IBS. Sometimes devastating pain in the abdomen is experienced by the patients of this problem. The stressful lifestyle of the present era had made it a common problem for the people. The problem of IBS can be dealt easily by changing the lifestyle and slowing down the level of stress among the sufferers is the natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome.

Reasons of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The problem of IBS is found more among women than men after the age of 35 years. Bacterial gastrointestinal infection is considered as the main cause of this problem. Severally indigestion of gluten by the patient’s system is also taken as its symptoms. Overeating, too much fat in the diet, eating too quickly, use of antidepressant medications, artificial sweeteners, and some of the antibiotics are also considered as the reasons of IBS problem as they usually disturb the balance among the intestinal bacterias.

Other general symptoms of IBS are as under:

  • If repeated discomfort or pain in the abdominal region is experiencedfor at least 12 weeks in a year, though not consecutively
  • Bowel movement helps in relieving the pain
  • Infrequent bowel movements or frequent constipation
  • Bloating in intestines
  • Mucous in the stool
  • Appearance of bowel movements changes frequently

Tips to cure IBS

  • Natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome include searching out the food sensitivities using elimination process to avoid then in your routine diet.
  • Intake of clean and pure water and other fluids should be increased
  • Increasing the quantity of fibrous foods in your routing diet like brown rice, wholegrain bread, bran rich cereals and oats
  • Eating fruits and vegetable in raw form without peeling them
  • Eat steamed or cooked vegetables as they are easier to digest being soft
  • Avoid taking fatty foods and carbonated drinks
  • Reduce the intake of dairy products

Using all these natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome the chances of getting rid of the problem may increase but even if you experience the problem then you should deal with it carefully. Women usually panic during a sudden attack of IBS while searching for a bathroom due to the unbearable pain. They also feel embarrassed due to the disclosure of their problem to others. If you have experienced the problem of IBS once in your lifetime then you should always remain alert towards it as it can reappear anytime. But there are certain natural cures that can help you in controlling the situation during the sudden attack of IBS which will also reduce the chances of quick recurrence of the problem.

Tips to cure IBS during the attack

The first and most important tip to control the situation during the sudden attack of IBS is to remain calm. Making panic may worsen your position whereas being calm you can easily handle your symptoms of the problem. You should calm your body through following three easy techniques.

1. Deep breathing: Deep breathing is the indication that you send to your mind that you can handle the situation easily and the emergency is over now. The stress in you body will get relieved with deep breathing which will help in improving your digestive system which ultimately help in reducing the effect of IBS. Deep breathing also helps in reducing your acute pain as your anxiety gets reduced through this process.

2. Talk to yourself and feel calm: Talking yourself during the attack of IBS replicates as if you are soothing your friend nearby you. In this way you can divert your mind from the feeling of distressing pain and the situation of panic comes in your control. Some of self-talks that can be experienced at such situation can be either of the given hereunder:

Be calm. I have to be calm to control my situation and finding out a bathroom to release the problem.

No one is seeing me. My stomach will not make other think adverse about me as stomach pain is not an uncommon problem. People usually treat sympathetically during other’s problem, so do not worry.

I am able to control the odd situation. I am capable to hold the things until I find a bathroom. It will be easier for me to handle the situation favorably if I will remain calm.

3. Use strategies to manage pain: Though you can manage your severity of pain due to IBS through deep breathing and self talking techniques but even if the pain persists then you can use some other pain management strategies like using heating pads or a cup of hot tea or coffee. Yoga, meditation and other relaxation exercises can also help in managing the pain.

Being worried during the sudden attack of IBS is a common reaction as another attack can be expected any moment. So the initial cure for irritable bowel syndrome will be to be alert about the problem and search the existence of the signs and symptoms of the problem in your body. But you should keep yourself calm in any case as any anxiety will lead to increase the chances of frequent attacks in future. So you should behave calmly in any case to control the situation as every stomach pain can not be because of IBS.

You should also maintain a dairy for noting down the symptoms that usually occur in your body during the IBS attack this will help you in identifying the possibilities of recurrence of the problem. Moreover you can plan the schedule of your routine works according to your case history so that you can handle the situation comfortably, whenever it occurs.

Thus precautions are the best natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome.