Natural Home Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Any home remedies for treating any disease is a form of personalized treatment and prevention approach. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is both treatable and preventable using simple home remedies. Irritable bowel syndrome can be a chronic problem that causes abdominal pains, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas buildup in the stomach.

Abdominal PainThe best way of treating IBS at home is by first learning all you can about the condition. Talking and sharing about irritable bowel syndrome with your doctor will give you a far better insight on the various aspects of proper irritable bowel syndrome treatment.

In as much as home remedies tend to touch on dietary changes, other factors like enough exercise, enough rest, and stress management are also important elements in dealing with irritable bowel syndrome.

You also need to understand that people have different body behaviors, as such they respond differently to IBS different home remedies. Nevertheless, the ideal way of dealing with irritable bowel syndrome is taking both curative and preventive measures.

Check on Your Diet

It is important to eat healthy but certain food only exacerbate IBS. Hence, people who have issues linked to this health condition need to pay more attention to what they eat. It thus goes without say that identify and avoid foods that aggravate the condition will be a good preventive measure.

Bear in mind that these foods are still very important for a nutritional balanced diet; hence, you will need to look for other food alternatives that offer the same nutrients. Some of the food to avoid when dealing with irritable bowel syndrome include cauliflower, beans, alcohol, sodas, broccoli, cabbage, chocolate, coffee, and dairy products.

No dairy foodThough keeping away from dairy products does help, you might want to keep some yogurt in the fridge. It is better to take the yogurt instead of milk since yogurt contains enzymes that help with digestion of lactose.

However, doctors will recommend avoiding dairy products entirely for people who are lactose intolerant and have irritable bowel syndrome, but bear in mind that these food type contains a good supply of calcium and protein so you will need to look for alternative foods to get these important nutrients.

While some foods are good for the digestive system, they may not fully work in favor of treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. For instance, fiber is a common element in any IBS home remedy diet. However, the use of fiber does have some controversies because it does work in treating irritable bowel syndrome and yet it will make things worse when dealing with other symptoms.

This why you will find some remedies recommend avoiding beans while other state eating bean will help. This issue brings us back to the first step that is monitoring what you eat and avoiding all food that will exacerbate the condition. On the issue of fiber, vegetable and fruits are a good choice of foods that have a healthy fiber count.

Exercise and Rest More

exercise for IBSAway from eating right, your body also needs to be in good shape and form to be able to deal with various illness. One for the most appropriate things to do when treating IBS at home is to exercise more and get enough time to rest.

A body that lacks both of these tends to have a low tolerance to anxiety, depression, and stress, which are some of the know factors that cause irritable bowel syndrome.

If you have been exercise your body a little, you need to take it a notch higher as you still observe the right diet. If you are starting, you need to first condition the body to get used to exercising, so start slow with small 5-minute works out and work your way up to standard amounts of around 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Giving your body enough time to rest is very important that is why you are told to get at least 8hours or sleep each day. The body switches to a self-healing mode when you sleep or rest. While the exercises will increase your energy levels and helps to reduce the stress levels that tend to inhibit the proper contraction of intestines, resting will activate the body to complete what it started during the workout sessions.

Stress Management

Stress Management DiscussionsStress leads to cases of anxiety and depression none of which is good for the digestive system. If you know that your IBS condition is triggered by stress, then managing stress is one way of treating irritable bowel movement while at home.

Going for a stress management counseling session will help you have a firm control of the various issues that get you stressed up.

As mentioned above, exercising is a good way of dealing with stress. You just need to engage yourself in activities such as swimming or biking, things that you will have fun doing.


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