Natural IBS Treatment


What is good IBS treatment? Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an intestinal disorder. It is sometimes called spastic colon. Around 20% of the population suffers from IBS and it is the most commonly diagnosed digestive disorder. Some symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, sensation of incomplete bowel movement, more than three bowel movements in one day, less than three bowel movements per week, urgency, straining, mental tension, and hard or watery stools. IBS treatment commonly consists of medication. The medications are stool softeners to relieve constipation. However, you can treat IBS without medication.

IBS treatment can start by changing your diet. It is urged you keep a food diary so you can determine which foods are triggers. The foods that trigger IBS will not be the same for everyone. A few foods that trigger IBS are fried foods, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, and alcohol. Include more insoluble foods like rice, pasta, white bread, oat meal, barley, and sweet potatoes. Eating big meals can be a trigger. Smaller meals will not put too much stress on the digestive system. Avoid foods that are known to cause extra gas like cabbage, onions, cauliflower, and beans.

Acupuncture is an effective IBS treatment. It will work in different ways for those with IBS because the cases are treated individually. The purpose of acupuncture is to relieve blockages in your Qi or life force. Needles are inserted on various parts of the body. The needles don’t hurt because they are thin. The release of pain is the primary benefit of acupuncture.

A colonic massage is another natural IBS treatment. You can do this lying down with your knees bent or while sitting on a toilet. make a fist and lightly rub your abdomen using a circular digging movement. Begin in the right quadrant and work up to the right rib cage. Repeat on the left side and also massage the groin. The purpose of the massage is to stop constipation.

Stop smoking. Smoking not only causes lung cancer but can worsen the symptoms of IBS. Tobacco products have a negative impact on the entire digestive system. Cigarettes have over 43 toxic chemical and over 400 cancer-causing agents. The chemicals get transported in the bloodstream and into the digestive track which triggers IBS. Smoking is the main cause of colon cancer, kidney cancer, and stomach cancer. Smoking long-term can lead to colorectal cancer.

Watch stress. Food isn’t the only trigger of IBS symptoms. Your body reacts every time you are scared, tense, or sad. These emotions can make stomach pain worse. Avoiding tense situations can be beneficial in decreasing IBS episodes. Though it is impossible to remove all stress, there are way to reduce it. Try doing things to relive stress like deep breathing or yoga.

These ibs treatment tips should help reduce the symptoms and episodes. If the symptoms do not improve, you may need medications. Managing IBS will be challenging. Take things one step at a time and never force too much change at once. Never try to make a self-diagnosis or change diets without seeing a doctor.


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