The Secret to Effective IBS Treatment


If you have IBS (or suspect that you have it), you may suffer from a range of adverse side effects and symptoms, including stomach pain, bloating, irregularity, gas, constipation, diarrhea and flatulence. Obviously, these sorts of health issues take their toll, so finding the most effective IBS treatment will be very important.

People who are proactive about managing their IBS may choose to try many practical IBS treatment options, some of which are quite simple to implement into almost any type of lifestyle. In some cases, using these treatment ideas may be all that is needed to radically improve your quality of life, as long as you are prepared to stick with your new regimen.

When it comes to treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome, taking supplements may be one of the best ways to relieve your symptoms and side effects. Of course, you may also combine the use of supplements with other IBS treatment options, such as special diets and prescription medications. In fact, this strategy will offer a comprehensive, three-prong approach to improved wellness.

To help you learn which IBS-friendly supplements are out there, we’ve compiled some sensible information about a few powerful natural supplements that are widely believed to benefit almost anyone who suffers from this sometimes-debilitating health condition.

Supplements Are a Convenient and Practical IBS Treatment

Certain supplements have real value where treating IBS is concerned, and calcium and magnesium tend to top the list. These mineral supplements get rave reviews from IBS sufferers, who take them regularly to combat two of the main symptoms of IBS (diarrhea and constipation).

Calcium may be purchased at almost any pharmacy or grocery store, and it is available in two forms, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. IBS sufferers often experiment with the two types to see which one works best for their systems.

Calcium supplements are a sensible treatment idea, as they are designed to improve diarrhea symptoms. If this is one of your primary IBS health issues, this form of treatment may provide welcome relief. Taking a calcium supplement daily is an easy and affordable treatment solution; however, adding calcium supplements to your treatment plan does have a slight risk factor.

Since calcium may change the way that the body absorbs and uses medications, its important to speak with your doctor about taking this mineral (if you are currently on other medications). In fact, its always wise to consult with a general physician before embarking on any new IBS treatment.

Magnesium is an IBS Treatment that Alleviates Constipation

Magnesium is another supplement that is revered by IBS sufferers. Taking magnesium may dramatically reduce any constipation issues that you experience due to your health condition. This IBS treatment specifically targets IBS-related constipation, which some researchers believe is caused primarily by magnesium deficiency. You may buy magnesium almost anywhere that supplements are sold.

Now that you know two of the most effective IBS treatment supplements, why not add them to your daily routine?

Are Probiotics a Great IBS Treatment?

These days, probiotics get a lot of positive press because of the way that they foster the growth of healthy flora in the digestive system. If you are an IBS sufferer and you are curious about the value of probiotics as an IBS treatment, you should know that they are a great choice, as long as you know how to take them correctly.

Commonly, these probiotics are found in specialty milk and yogurt products that are marketed to health-conscious consumers. While these products are healthy choices for most, they may not be the preferred delivery system for IBS sufferers, who tend to experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms when they consume dairy products. Therefore, it is much better to get your probiotics from other sources, such as supplement capsules or tablets.

Probiotics will promote a healthy digestive system as long as they are not found in dairy products, which tend to cause constipation, diarrhea, and a host of other adverse side effects in people with IBS. Luckily, most health food stores and grocery stores offer these healthy bacterial formulas in supplement form.

It may take some trial and error to find the ideal IBS treatment for your needs, so prepare to experiment a little bit to see what is best for your system. However, the IBS treatment ideas listed here have great value for almost anyone who suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.




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