Top Triggers For Ibs


By educating yourself of the different top triggers for IBS, you are a step closer to achieving a productive and healthier life. The main key to avoid occurrence of IBS is careful planning. This means you have to plan on the different foods to eat and what are to be avoided in order to prevent worsening of your OBS condition.

So what do you think are the top triggers for IBS? You need to have your own plan and strategy to overcome and avoid this digestive condition as much as possible.

Lifestyle is a Big Factor

Most of the time, the best cure for a specific health condition is not the oral medication or the scientific treatment but it is through simple and healthy lifestyle. There are ample types of health conditions and disorders that are linked to imbalance diet, vices, substance abuse, and negative habits. Some disorders like IBS cannot be determined on where it originated however several factors are considered top triggers for IBS.

IBS Causes, Cannot Be Determined

 inflammatory bowel diseases

As of today there is no exact cause that is scientifically proven to connect with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. There might be
several health conditions that are comparably the same as IBS such as gardiasis, chronic constipation, inflammatory bowel diseases, and bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines, abdominal pain, and malabsorption of bile but these are totally different conditions than IBS.

IBS is unpredictable in all aspects. Nobody has an accurate measurement on the amount of pain produced while having IBS. The exact time interval of recurring pain has no basis too. The length of pain is neither put into figures as well. However, possibilities of having IBS from improper food or substance intake are always considered as one of the top triggers for IBS.

No Definite Cure

IBS has no definite cure; the treatments that are given to ease abdominal pain don’t directly cure IBS but just temporary solution to treat symptoms. Avoiding or keeping any symptoms is the best step on how to eliminate IBS. Since the organ of the body is interconnected to each other, it is best to nurture all of it before any symptoms could start or eliminate top triggers for IBS.

Top triggers for IBS

Top triggers for IBS

Irritable bowel movement or IBS doesn’t occur instantly, it cannot even be traced as hereditary or genetic condition. IBS is usually triggered by some factors before it can be experienced through the symptoms and different kind of pain.

It can be originated either from inappropriate food intake or build up of harmful radicals like bacteria in the digestive system such as gastrointestinal tracts and intestines. Here is the list of top triggers for IBS.

Fatty food : These are foods high in fats and cholesterols. Fats are good source of energy however in cases such as sensitive abdominal condition it is always advised to inhibit this group of food.
Too much fat in the stomach causes too much muscle contraction hence lead to one of the symptoms of IBS such as abdominal pain.
Insoluble fats are very hard to digest in the stomach too and it may trigger diarrhea.
Food that are deep fried and has large amount of fat contents such as peanuts should be avoided at this point.

Caffeinated products :  Caffeine are naturally produced pesticides according to some research. It also acts as stimulants in the body.
Coffee, sodas, energy drinks and other carbonated beverages are good sources of caffeine. Caffeine overdose leads to increase urination and other gastrointestinal disturbances.
It also enables the person to stay awake and alert.
Caffeine should be eliminated to the usual diet of person having symptoms of IBS like diarrhea to make sure that a person has ample amount of rest and sleep.

Raw foods : Person having symptoms of IBS should avoid eating raw or uncooked food such as fruits, vegetables and other dishes. Person that has possibilities of having IBS have sensitive abdomen.
There are some nutrients and substances that are hard to digest during this stage. Well cooked, ripened and soft diet is needed with this type of health condition.

 Milk and other dairy productsMilk : Milk and other dairy products are good source of simple sugar called lactose.
Lactose intolerance is the condition of which the digestive system cannot properly digest lactose due to insufficient production of lactase an enzyme that aids in digestion of lactose in the small intestine.
Lactose intolerance may lead to bloating, diarrhea and some gastrointestinal pain.

Gas producing foods : Onions, cabbage and beans are known of its ample gas contents that are produced in the stomach during digestion. Gassy foods are normally hard to digest inside the stomach hence leads to indigestion, bloating and other intestinal discomfort.
It is important to avoid or temporarily eliminate this top triggers for IBS to inhibit recurrence of sudden abdominal disorders.

These top triggers for IBS should be totally avoided in order not to heighten the symptoms or possibilities of having IBS. Always remember that there is yet scientific evidence that can directly point out the cause of IBS, neither discover the right cure to treat it totally. Precaution is still the best tool to increase the protection of the body from having IBS or either of its symptoms.


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