The Types Of Pain Caused By Irritable Bowel Syndrome


When suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome it can be hard to determine which pain is coming from the disease. While IBS mainly effects the bowels, as is suggested by its name, it can cause pain in many places in the body. Pain from IBS can interrupt your daily life and take away the enjoyment you used to have in life.

Abdominal PainThe most common type of pain from IBS is of course abdominal pain. This pain can occur anywhere in the abdomen and is usually caused my gas or swelling. This pain can be quite intense and feel like something more than a simple intestinal disorder would cause.

The intensity of the pain is due to pressure your swollen stomach or intestines puts on the organs surrounding them. This type of pain will often pass when you break wind or eliminate waste. This is not always the case and sometimes this pain will persist for quite a while.

This can also cause you to have heartburn or other forms of acid reflux. This is again due to the swelling and can put you in quite a lot of discomfort. Antacids are usually safe to take as they are formulated not to irritate your stomach further.

IBS can cause pain in your back. This pain is often centered around your kidneys or the opposite of where your stomach is located. This is again usually caused by gas or swelling. The swelling in this case presses on nerves or causes you to utilize a poor posture causing you pain.

Headaches are another form of pain you can get from IBS. These headaches will usually not be too severe but can definitely take you away from your day. Using pain relievers on these headaches may help but you need to be careful not to irritate your stomach and cause yourself more pain in the process.

muscle achesIBS can also cause you to have muscle aches anywhere on your body. These can feel just like general stiffness or they can be intense shooting pain. It is believed these are caused by the bodies immune response to IBS.

You can also have pain where you eliminate waste both in your urethra and your sphincter. This is usually caused by the buildup of gas or urine and its need to get out with urgency. This pain usually goes away once you visit the facilities.

The bladder and surrounding organs can also feel pain because of the pressure building up around them. This pain is usually relieved when the pressure goes down and is a symptom rather than a cause. Focusing on this pain can make IBS hard to diagnose.

Any of these forms of pain can take place by themselves or at the same time when you have IBS. This means that you may have a completely different experience with IBS than other people with the disease. This does not mean that you do not have IBS or that something is wrong with you.

No matter what kind of pain you are in it should not cause you to pass blood. Pain that causes you to pass blood is usually a sign of much worse problems and should be reported to a doctor immediately. Passing blood is never normal and treating it as such can damage your health for the future.

Many doctors believe that IBS is triggered by stress and that removing stress from your life can help relieve the pain as well. If you are looking for pain relief one of the first things to do is to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Try to make more time for yourself and ensure you are getting enough sleep.

ask the doctorTalking to your doctor about IBS can help you develop an individualized profile of your pain and causes. Doing this can help you find pains you didn’t realize were caused by your IBS and help you find way to target the pain at the source.

Your doctor is the best resource you have available in your fight against IBS.

IBS pain is not as predictable as we would like. Unlike other causes of pain it can be seemingly random with no outside indicators. Paying attention to your body and noticing patterns can help you notice the types of pain that IBS is causing for you.


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