Understanding Irritable Bowel Cure Options

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the least talked about conditions. It affects quite a reasonable percentage of the population though people are not very open about it. If not well managed, this condition can be life disruptive and to some extent embarrassing. The fact that one has no control over some symptoms for instance diarrhea can be devastating especially in a public place.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition meaning that it is long term. However, it is very manageable as long as you seek medical advise as soon a it starts and you stick to the treatment. The irritable bowel cure depends on the type and combination of symptoms you experience, the severity and also the duration of the symptoms. Some of the symptoms that you may experience include:

(a) Diarrhea
(b) Spasms
(c) Flatulence
(d) Constipation
(e) Indigestion
(f) Painful bowel movement
(g) Anal fissures
(h) Hemorrhoids
(i) Heart burn

One may experience a combination of these symptoms. This means that the treatment that works for one person might not necessarily work for the other. Your doctor will have to examine you and offer the best medical advice according to the symptoms experienced. Starting the treatment off with a doctor is advised as they will do a follow up after every treatment to determine whether it worked or change it.

Some medicines might treat one symptom but make worse or trigger another. For instance, you might take medicine to treat diarrhea which will indeed treat it but bring about flatulence or bloating. There are some natural remedies that work great as irritable bowel cure. Also available are over the counter and prescription medicine.

Irritable bowel cure will depend on what is triggering the condition in the first place and also the symptoms. The most common factors that trigger irritable bowel syndrome include;

(a) Caffeine intake
(b) Fatty foods
(c) Lack of fiber in the diet
(d) Artificial sweeteners
(e) Gas producing foods such as beans, cabbages and raw cauliflower
(f) Dairy products

Irritable bowel cure falls under different categories all of which are effective if strictly observed.

Treatment by diet

Most of the symptoms are triggered by food intake. This therefore means that most of these symptoms can be rectified through eating the right kinds of food. For instance, gas inducing foods such as beans and cabbages if avoided can help reduce symptoms such as flatulence, bloating and gas. You need to however seek the help of a doctor to determine any change of diet that might be triggering the symptoms. Some foods such as alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods and insoluble fiber play a big role in causing irritable bowel syndrome. These foods may be GI stimulants or irritants. These affect the colon muscles hence the irritable bowel symptoms.

Foods rich in soluble fiber are the best in preventing as well as treating irritable bowel syndrome. Soluble fiber goes through the body whole and has no calories. This unique feature allow it to sooth the digestive tract, get the bowels to move normally, and reduces intestinal spasms.

Soluble fiber is great in relieving diarrhea and constipation.

Vitamin C in ascorbic acid form is effective in relieving some symptoms like constipation. This particular vitamin is an immune booster.

Acidic food such as tomatoes, oranges and lemons should be avoided in the case where heart burn is experienced.

Treatment by supplements

Supplements are reliable for irritable bowel cure. They have natural ingredients that work purposely for relieving the symptoms. They are gentle and have no side effects. They are much better, safer and cheaper. Some of the irritable bowel supplements include;
1. Fiber Soluble supplements- prebiotic
2. Fennel seed tea- medicinal strength
3. Enteric coated pepper mint oil- in capsules form
4. Peppermint leaf tea- medicinal strength
5. Heat therapy
6. Digestive enzymes
7. Magnesium
8. Probiotics
9. Calcium

These supplements are proven to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. The dosage should be given according to the symptoms and severity of the condition. A medical professional will advise accordingly.

Treatment of IBS through stress management

Stress upsets the normal rhythmic muscle contraction of the gut. This is because stress triggers excessive production of adrenalin and the activation of the sympathetic nerve plexuses. There is a proven connection between emotional stress factors and subsequent irritable bowel syndrome flares. People who experience insomnia are known to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome the morning after or in the evening of the following day. It is therefore advisable for one to have adequate night’s sleep to prevent and relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
Yoga is a known irritable bowel cure. It is known to effectively relieve stress and entirely relax a person. The three powerful combination of breathing, relaxing and meditation are very powerful in completely relaxing a person. This kind of relaxation is ideal especially in relaxing the digestive tract. The relaxation achieved during meditation completely relaxes the body hence over production of adrenalin is prevented. If done correctly and frequently, yoga has the capability of preventing and relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel. The symptoms that are known to be eased through yoga are; constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and nausea.

Treatment through prescription medicine

Two of the best drugs known to effectively relieve irritable bowel symptoms are Lotronex and Zelnorm. These prescription drugs are tested clinically and approved for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. If inappropriately prescribed, they can make the condition worse as they are symptom specific and not suitable for general treatment of the symptoms. However, anti- spas mic drugs as well as antidepressants are known to help reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. More clinical research is underway for medicine for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

It is advisable to also observe some lifestyle changes in the treatment of the symptoms. Swimming is known to relax the stomach muscles and also serves as a great stress reliever. It is advisable for one to quit smoking and drinking alcohol for effective results. It is also advisable to lie down after meals for proper digestion of food. Gently massaging the esophageal valve under your solar plexus in downward strokes to your belly button is known to be soothing hence proper food digestion.