Want to know about irritable bowel syndrome cause?

IBS-dietkit-iconIrritable bowel syndrome cause is numerous. Actually it is a disorder which is diagnosed through separating other bowel disorders which contain functional causes that presents in different medical tests. There is no cure for irritable bowel syndrome and the treatment is only to control IBS symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome cause different symptoms are abdominal pain, excessive gas, constipation, bloating and diarrhea. The famous opinion of medicine is that irritable bowel syndrome can be caused by infections, aging, and stress. Most of the patients are prescribed antibiotics and other medicine to assist control the indications of IBS and in certain cases psychiatric intervention is also recommended.

Patients are generally told to look their food trigger the IBS issues and to avoid those items in their diet. Irritable bowel syndrome cause is diagnosed by doctor is because of poor digestion and this is because of western diet that is availed in these modern days. People consume foods that are processed and full of all types of additives and chemicals and large number of people takes plenty of junk and fast foods. These diets cause bodies to release plenty of acid, that builds up and create lot of modern sickness. Number of theories regarding irritable bowel syndrome cause has been proposed, but still now there have been no definitely proven to bring this disorder. Due to this, there is no particular test is found at check this condition. Even though fiber rich and taking care of the diet are beneficial, there is no special treatment for IBS.

Actually this functional disorder is always related with chronic anxiety and depression. Among the plenty of proposed cause of irritable bowel syndrome, a additional of a strong hormone, serotonin, neurotransmitter, within the GI path has been the target of considerable research. Serotonin has been considered to contain lot of functions with in the body. Reduced level of serotonin in the brain has been related with anxiety and depression that demonstrates the commonly availed antidepressant medicine; the serotonin inhibitors are availed to treat both anxiety and depression. Due to the reason above 95 percent of the serotonin is seen in the GI path; these medicines contain a profound effect on the function of GI path. Another serotonin associated disease which is related with serious abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

The symptoms in certain patients worsen after taking meals. Food consumption stimulates raise the activity in intestines. In some patients the level of serotonin stays high; it leads in diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome. It increases the probability that IBS is an inflammatory condition. But biopsies from the big gut of IBS patients have not displayed inflammation. One theory has said that people who contain IBS contain a big intestine or colon and reactive to some foods and stress. Some researchers says that it may cause by contractions of the muscle in the bowel wall. There are also some other irritable bowel syndrome cause which you may need to think about like motility or normal movement may be absent in the colon of the IBS patient.

Know irritable bowel syndrome cause before treating it:

Irritable bowel syndrome cause is by malfunctioning of the intricate of muscles and nerves that collectively control the important organs of the intestinal path. This delicate nerves system is contains in the muscles that operates the full length of the gastrointestinal path from the food pipe to the rectum and nerves are closely related and in regular communication with the nerves traveling with the spinal cord to the brain. This sensitive system is instantly subject to disruption and so stress on the spinal nerves may affect the intestines. Irritable bowel syndrome cause is because of the functions of intestines are controlled by two kinds of nerves, known as motor and sensory. The sensory nerves are linked with checking and responding to the large number stimuli that act on the highly complex system that is the human body.

The work of the sensory nerves is to relay the required information regarding these stimuli to the brain that initiates the required response from the parts related. Secondly the motor responses to be directed by the brain are the relaxation and contraction of the related muscles and the different fluids secretion like bile, acid, digestive enzymes etc by colon, stomach and other organs. These are strong bio chemicals that are capable of seriously upsetting the system when produced at the imperfect levels. Any mental or physical stress on the system may manifest itself like an intestinal issue. In most of the IBS sufferers, it sees that the action of motor and sensory nerves may be disturbed. Even though these are said for the cause of IBS, there are some other aspects that cause IBS like absorption of dietary sugars and poor digestion seems to play an important role in Irritable bowel syndrome cause.

Apple cider vinegarFood allergies, stress, genetics, hormone changes such as menopause, poor diet, most of the cases develop after stomach flu cause IBS. The pain can highly uncomfortable and the symptoms which one can find are abdominal distension or bloating, change in frequency of bowel movements, gassiness and change in stool consistency. You can change your lifestyle to get relief from the IBS symptoms. Avoid taking coffee, drink plenty of water at least 10 glass of water, watch your food that triggers IBS symptoms, prevent in taking high sugar, dairy products, soda, alcohol, fatty foods and vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli that can raise gassiness, have low stress lifestyle, so try breathing exercises, yoga, massage etc, eat smaller meals and take food that are rich in fiber.

Exercise plays an important role to get rid of stress. A doctor may prescribe a medicine to avoid diarrhea and may suggest that you avail a fiber supplement. The alternative treatment which assist certain people are like acidophilus and probiotics. People who are having IBS must specially give attention to the kinds of food they intake and abstain from taking processed, junk food and prevent in taking carbonated drinks. Irritable bowel syndrome causes that are common are lack of hydrochloric acid, inflammation in the gastrointestinal system, poor diet and stress.