Why Fish Is Good For Irritable Bowel Syndrome


It is a well-known fact that foods that are gentle on the digestive system are best for irritable bowel syndrome. There are many different kinds of foods that are considered good for treating the symptoms of IBS and there are some foods that not only trigger the symptoms of IBS but can also make them worse.

stress causes ibsAs far as identifying particular foods that trigger symptoms of IBS is concerned, it can be difficult for people. As it happens, people who do not suffer from IBS may also have some reaction to particular foods.

However, it is important to keep in mind that certain reactions also happen due to other factors than food. For instance, one may have a reaction after eating a particular food but that reaction may also be due to stress. Therefore, there is no point in avoiding particular foods for no reasons.

Fish Oil for Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are a lot of foods that can be helpful in preventing symptoms of IBS. Also, there are some foods that help reducing the symptoms of many other health problems in addition to IBS. Fish oil is one of those foods that not only helps with IBS but also many other diseases ranging from arthritis to depression to heart disease. Fish oil has also been found to be helpful in treating inflammatory skin conditions as well as mental health problems.

fish oilOne of the biggest advantages of fish oil is that it is extremely rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. Those who are not aware of the beneficial properties of omega-3 essential fatty acids, these are known to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents found in food.

These fatty acids work by reducing the inflammation in body that also includes the gut.

It is also known as EPA. This is the reason that fish oil is also sometimes known as brain food and many health experts recommend consuming fish oil for enhancing cognition. It has also been found to be useful in the treatment of depression and in helping people deal with depression and stress. It also works as a mood enhancer.

Causes of IBS

Even though there are no known causes of IBS, health experts have found that there are certain things that trigger IBS symptoms. One of the major causes of IBS is certain foods that cause constipation, diarrhea and also lead to severe pain in the sufferers.

Also, it has been found that stress leads to production of IBS symptoms in the body. Modern medications such as antibiotics and certain types of bacteria that can result in gut infection are also known to cause IBS.

Gut infectionsResearchers have found that a significant number of people suffering from IBS have undergone a stressful period in their life when the symptoms of IBS first appeared in their body.

Also, a number of people have said that they can identify the onset of these symptoms after a strong course of antibiotics and some kind of gut infection. There are only a few people who are can relate the symptoms of IBS to particular foods or other factors.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In simple terms, omega-3 fatty acids can be defined as polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential nutrients required by the body for maintenance of cellular membranes and also for synthesizing various biochemical signals that regulate inflammation.

Researchers have found that a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids results in alteration of nervous system signaling and may cause the body to produce high pro-inflammatory signals instead of anti-inflammatory signals. Also, it has been found that the typical modern diet does not contain adequate quantity of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 for Treatment of IBS

Omega 3 SupplementsAs far as the direct impact of these fatty acids on treatment of irritable bowel syndrome is concerned, no research studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids directly affect the symptoms of IBS.

However, many health experts are of the opinion that since omega-3 acids are known to have a positive effect on the nervous system as well as on immune system, there may be a relationship between omega-3 fatty acids deficiency in the body and irritable bowel syndrome.

Since Omega-3 fatty acids are known as a mood enhancer, daily consumption of these acids can help people in dealing with stress. Stress has been known to trigger IBS symptoms and therefore, omega-3 in supplement form may help in treating IBS.

One of the research studies found that females with IBS had increased pro-inflammatory products related to polyunsaturated fatty acids. This suggests that if the sufferers consume omega-3 fatty acids as supplement or through other foods, it may help them in getting rid of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Sources of Omega Three Fatty Acids

salmon tuna mackerelThere are a number of food sources for providing omega-3 fatty acids to your body. However, it has been found that one of the best sources of these fatty acids is fish oil. One can easily consume up to 3 g of fish oil in a day without requiring supervision of a medical professional.

There are many different kinds of fish oils available in the market. For treating IBS, it is important to choose a fish oil that provides at least 1 g of these fatty acids plus DHA per serving.

Fish species such as a salmon and mackerel are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, people who are fond of eating fish can get their dose of omega-3 acids from these fish. Overall, fish is a good source of getting omega 3 fatty acids.


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